We care for all Porsche needs. We speak plain Porsche, not gobbledygook or techno sales speak. We take real care of Porsche from the 1950’s through to the very latest models. We are not car snobs, we will look after any era of Porsche and are of just the right size that we have enough resources and experience to cope and are remain small enough to care.

We look after local clients here in the South West with the same enthusiasm and care as those that send their cars from across the Globe.

We service, repair, restore, buy, broker, sell, create unique bespoke Porsche, make accident damage go away and undertake full rebuilds of mechanical, body or trim.

We would love to show you around our facility. Honesty and Expertise is what we like to be known for. Passion for Porsche we all share.

Adrian Crawford and Richard Williams.


Meet the team

“..you guys probably know more about Porsches than anyone else, whether scorcing, restoration or sales. The indepth knowlege displayed by you staff and the accurate description of the car prior to my visit was reassuring”

Mr Hillman

“..From the moment we arrived and were welcomed by one of your mechanics it was clear we were in for a different kind
of experience..”


“..I also can’t stop smiling as I see it, clean it, drive it or even take compliments from passers by (which I am surprised about for a modern Porsche)..”


Selling your Porsche? Speak to Adrian or Richard

Specialist Brokerage


Simply Smart to Technically Brilliant.

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1958 356A T2 Cab

Delivered from the states to our workshop to undergo full restoration – Follow the story as it unfolds, more photos added daily. Having been dealing with quality Porsche since 1991 we have accumulated a great deal of expertise and assembled skilled craftsman capable of refinishing or rebuilding your valuable Porsche to a very high standard.


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