New beginnings.

You may have noticed the name change on our site from Adrian Crawford to Williams Crawford, this is our big news for the year!  We guarantee that the service will change in only one way, it will be better.

I have known Richard Williams f0r about 15 years. Initially he was entrusted to provide the servicing support that we needed for all our sales Porsche, a job he did very well for years. During that time we have worked and played together and decided that it might be a good time to join forces. Richard has for many years been in the background supporting and advising me whilst running his own car sales operation. Therefore from the 1st October this year, the business is now jointly owned and run by the two of us.

Having run my business my own way for 21 years I am sure many of you will be relieved to know that we hope to do things better. We have the same values and the same ambitions, we want honesty, fairness and fun. We would like to make a decent living too. Our values are the same, we will work hard, we will be honest and we will enjoy working with our customers.

Richard has always enjoyed the Porsche association and like me believes in the product. With his extra input we shall develop further the modern Porsche business, whilst remaining very firmly involved int he classic and collectible markets that I enjoy.

Rest assured, our aim is to continue doing what we are good at and making small improvements where necessary.

We will be launching a new website very soon with some special, unique features that will be a major part of our business development.


Good Customers.

 I  firmly believed that the nice Porsche come from the nicest folk. Well that works in reverse too and means that we enjoy and are privileged to be able to meet all types of very interesting people. It’s the relationship with your staff and your customers that in my mind can make or break a business and I have to say, 99.9% of the people we meet are really good. I love that part of the job, getting to know new people and making friends. In fact it’s one of the things that as soon as Richard started beside me in the office he noticed, how lovely the customers were.

It’s one of the things that I have been used to, in fact I didn’t know any different but int he short space of time that Richard has been working with me he noticed . Most all of our customers and enquiries are from nice folk. Often its the relationship that is enjoyed long before the Porsche.

We never know where the next customer will call from but the prize this month must go to Eivion who called me from a rather poor line in Kurdistan. Now we don’t do a lot of advertising in Kurdistan and it took a  search on the map to figure out where it actually was. Eivion told me that he had been following my site for five years or more and now was in a position to be able to buy a 911. He had waited a long long time to buy a Porsche which was going to initially go to his home in Wales but likely to end up living overseas. This is what we supplied;

Eivion contacted me afterwards and said that having never before sat in a911, never mind driving one, he now know’s what the ‘fuss’ is about. They are special.

Not only do we not know where the next customer will call from, we don’t know where we might get the next car from either. The main thing has to be that the Porsche must be honest and good. We have bought and sold some marvelous Porsche over the years, this 968 cabrio has to be one of the most special.

We purchased in it Tokyo and shipped it home, a journey that takes about 10-12 weeks in total. Meanwhile I had been in contact with Sophus, a lovely chap from Denmark who was looking for a good classic Porsche and I had one that he liked. He had been asking lots of questions about a particular car and I had warned him that there was another equally keen enquiry. As such he missed that particular Porsche, it was a shame for we had built a good relationship.

So as soon as I secured this 968 I called and he put his name down for it. This often happens and its why we always encourage customers to call with your requirements rather than waiting for a car to appear. I never needed to advertise this Porsche. Here is Sophus with me and his 968 Cabrio, one of a handful built in this Viper Green lookalike colour, Signal Green. With just 20,000 km it looked like new.

And here he is again having been pulled over on the Autobahn…not by the Police but by the Chairman of the Porsche 968 club in Germany travelling with his wife and dog. They just couldn’t believe the condition or story until he inspected.





“It was an eventful trip back to Denmark, among a lot of happenings I can reveal that I was pulled over on the German Autobahn near the Ruhr district yesterday, by the chairman of the German 968 club and his wife and their dog travelling open in a burgundy 968 cab.

They were completely struck by the green car. First they didn’t believe the story and km’s on it, but as he had it look closer they surrendered.

He then went berserk with his camera so now it will probably appear in future edition of the clubs magazine.” Sophus.

We really don’t mind where you live and sell plenty of Porsche throughout the UK, and whether it’s down the street from us or half way across the World, we would still love to hear from you and value your business.

Bespoke Porsche.

For those clients who like something special, we often create bespoke Porsche. In a previous blog we wrote about Brian in Southern Ireland who had us build his ideal 911. It’s something that we regularly do and we can do this for you too. Just finished is this 993 Coupe. Our customer had previously owned another 911 supplied by us and had rather enjoyed it. Foolishly he parted with his beloved 964 and very quickly came to miss it.

David wanted to go this time to a 993 but one with a sporting edge and without spending a fortune on a 993 RS. So we prepared a very nice Carrera 2 for him. Here it is, ready and waiting, prepared to the  his requirements and tasted.and ready to deliver. A perfect body, 3 piece BBS, Bilstein suspension, LSD, air con and many other details have resulted in a very special 993.

Next one is this lovely Porsche 911 Sc for a customer to take to Geneva. It’s for  Avi and is called Zen. We shall fit it out with the equipment and to the specification that the customer has chosen. In this case replacing the Fuchs with Cookie Cutters in Silver on winter tyres, a discreet high end sound and security package and various other nice touches. Here it is before the ‘treatment’.




Another that is destined for a bespoke build is this 1970 911.  Having spent years as a race car, then left rather neglected, this 911 is about to embark on a full refurbishment, more details in a future blog.


We can offer Bespoke Porsche. Irrespective of the model, year, colour, condition, if you ask we can probably create it.



Car Storage.

We are about to launch a secure car storage facility in the Plymouth area. This will enable us to store all types of vehicles and can offer a variety of maintenance options. We can keep them clean, dry and in a good environment.  The premises are modern, secure and easy main road access, an ideal environment to take good care of your car. Porsche or otherwise.




Selling a good Porsche is the easy part…Amongst the many Porsche that have passed through our hands, 997 Turbo, 997 Coupe C2s, 997 Cabrio C4 tip,  996 C4S, 996 C2 Coupe, 993 C2 S  x2, 993 C2 Coupe, 964 C2, 964 C4, 911 Carrera 3.2 SSE targa, 911 SC, and 3 x 968’s and a host of good Boxster 987 & 986. This is fun, comfortable and profitable. We like it. Thank you.

Under the Radar.

We cannot afford to stock all the good Porsche we have get offered, much as I would love to see a huge line of lovely Porsche it remains a reality that we can only by a fraction of them. However , we do see some interesting cars that might never  get to be advertised with us; These range from a historically significant 901 in the process of a ground up restoration, there is also a 68 and a 67 available from the same source;

A lovely original 356C, having been with the last owner for 35 years this little gem needs a new home and  would make a very nice addition to anyone’s garage;





We have also come across  a GP white speedster, several 930 of which we anticipate owning one of them, some super 911 Supersport which we are hot on the trail of a 13000km 959 which would empty our pockets, make me happy and cause a few problems with the bank, a gorgeous silver Carrera GT, there is a whole world of Porsche that don’t ever get advertised, amongst them some very special Porsche. Tell me what you would like!




Modern Porsche, each day we have a list of over 200 Porsche on our desk, they change all the time, with all types and models flowing by. As an example today there are  several GT3 two 996 and one 997, a low mileage rare 996 GT2,  and  a wide range of 996, 997, 991, Panamera, Cayman and all modern Porsche.




Taking 991 as an example, at the time of writing this there were 3 interesting 991. Starting with a lovely C2S cabrio with 800 miles in white, an as new C2 Coupe PDK with 200miles in black (two hundred!), and finally another 991 C2S Cabrio with 11000 miles.  There are 5 Panameras on the list today, 28 Boxster, 14 997, 22 996, 11 Cayenne. If its a not new Porsche you fancy, please get in touch.




Porsche we let go.

This is where we really earn our money and suffer the pain. when we get told fibs about the real condition, or sometimes the seller is simply ignorant of the ‘real’ condition. An example was  a 30,000 mile 993 C4 that wasn’t half as good as the owner said,  a 993 C2S that had had a hard and interesting life, two Boxster S that were both problems in the making, a 996 turbo that wasn’t healthy and a few more besides. We don’t want the wrong ones with our name on them.


In our business we can never predict what might turn up, but currently we have our sights on a 964 cabrio with 31000 miles, a 968 Club Sport  LHD with 52000 km, we are negotiating for a 997 C4S,  a Boxster S 987, a 911 Carrera 3.2 SSE Targa with 31000 miles, a 911 3.2 carrera SSE cabrio with 42000 miles, a 993 C2S , a 996 Cabrio a 997 cabrio tiptronic, a 996 C4S and a few more on top.

The Market.

We have been very buoyant throughout the summer. With the classic and collectable Porsche doing very well, acting as a safe place to put savings and something fun to enjoy as well. Most of the classic Porsche we have sold over the last 2 years have risen in value when compared to the market today and I can see the appeal. A classic Porsche is a thing of beauty, yet remains good to drive in modern situations, is dependable and not too fussy or hyper. People admire them and the value looks to be safe.

The modern Porsche range suffere depreciation like most other cars, maybe not as severe but this causes two things. One is the negative but unavoidable situation of cost of owning a ‘new’ Porsche, however it means that for those of us looking to buy , we can  get an excellent thoroughly good Porsche for a fraction of new price. This is attractive. My current favourite is the 997 turbo we have with 25k on it, its like new but half new price.

With the end of the summer the market cools and this is often a good time to purchase, prices will be at their weakest now and firm up in the spring. so for you canny buyers this is the time to make your move.

Lest see what great Porsche can be found!