One of the characteristics of a Porsche that I like most is the ability to use them for, (within reason), any purpose at all.  To my mind, the more you use it, the better value for money you are receiving. And I like good value for money.  I typically try to use each Porsche  that I have for sale a few days, just to satisfy myself that they are working well and capture any niggles.

I had a really good time with a 964 just a few weekends ago, when on the Sunday I set off for the 50th Anniversary of Porsche show at Cirencester. Starting at 6am with not a soul on the road, I was able to enjoy the and explore the performance, (all the way to the legal limit), and arrived to pick up Duncan at Bristol about 45 minutes earlier than originally planned!  We had a nice run in the sunshine to Cirencester parking in amongst all the other 964 and set off on foot to enjoy the day.  Amongst all the various activities and displays we saw some great sights.

In the concourse arena a chocolate brown 356, Duncan knew all about this car, all I can tell you was that everything, down to the tool roll looked like new. Quite amazing. We visited Roger Bray Restorations where Roger had on display a beautiful 356 and one waiting for restoration. How you restore a car that is in such bad shape beggars belief but this is what they do.

We went to the Coys Porsche auction and inspected some of the lots there. Very very interesting and more on this another time. The highlight though was to find we could enter the Autotest.

Two large courses were laid out on the grass for competitors to weave through and manoeuvre into.  Both of us tried it. Duncan tried it with the window down…….which was a mistake. On the dry field the car quickly filled with dust. I tried it, learning from experience with the windows up and the air con on…..this was better.  Of course neither of us took it as anything other than fun, but for the benefit of accuracy  Duncan was 0.8 of a second slower over the two courses and we were the quickest rear engine Porsche.

We left at five, back to Bristol and then on home, the Porsche ran faultlessly,  I  just wouldn’t have wanted to be driving anything else.  However it did look rather second hand outside and very dusty inside. What a great day behind the wheel. What a marvellous car, 20+ years old, fast, fun, capable of anything you throw at it and ready for more. Use it and enjoy it!