It's the car you want to own...

Introduced in 1991 for the ’92 model year and featuring a Turbo – look body, without the fixed turbo spoiler, wider fenders, 17″ Cup wheels and mirrors and Turbo suspension. But only available as a Carrera 2, manual or tiptronic.

Pictured right is a ’92 Porsche 964 C2 Works Turbo Look Cabriolet,  midnight blue metallic, magenta leather and matching roof.

Photo left is another Porsche 964 C2 Works Turbo Look that I owned. This one was Tiptronic and  from the Porsche ‘Excusive Studio’, with some special items including the replacement of the rear seats with storage boxes, wood inlay, red piping on the savannah beige seats.

For the Middle East market without Catalyser.


Below is a 911 Turbo look in Raspberry metallic with black leather, some had red leather!

Porsche 911 964 American Roadster.

In 1992 Porsche offered  the North American market a limited edition Cabriolet, the American Roadster.
The ‘Turbo-Bodied’ Roadster had the electric spoiler of the standard Carrera 2 & 4, a power hood and additional extras. However at $15.000 more then the standard Cabriolet only a 250 were made. I have not seen one but I believe it would be almost the same as the ‘European Turbo Look’ cabriolet below.

Funny Colours.

Porsche will accommodate most requests (if the customer pays) and you will find some pretty interesting colour schemes that were not part of the regular brochure. Although Wimbledon green (above left) was an unusual  but brochure colour, pearl white would have been a ‘special’. In fact I once owned an old ’81 Targa in pearl white -very eighties! I guess what you like is best – it’s your money.