It's the car you want to own...

Introduced in October 1992 for the ’93 model year the Speedster was based on a Carrera 2. Essentially the styling was subtly changed, with a lower and more ‘raked’ windshield and simple hood, plus some of the ‘luxury’ bits were removed to save weight – very similar to the 3.2 speedster of 1989.

Inside were lightweight bucket seats from the Carrera RS, with colour coded backs, (see top right), but you could also order your Speedster with Sport (see below right) or ‘comfort’ seats, air conditioning and many of the regular 964 options including tiptronic gearbox. Why o why!

(pic above shows an original 964 speedster, note the steep angle of the shorter windshield and frameless doors. Looks great!)

(Note the RS or sports seats, simple door trims and no airbags).

The hood of course was manual, so too the windows, the Cup mirrors too. The hood when folded fitted under the plastic ‘Speedster’ humps.  Porsche were quick to point out that the hood was for ‘weather protection’ rather than a full convertible top, presumably they didn’t want complaints of leaking tops.

Porsche planned to build 3000 speedsters in 1993, only 936 were in fact built making this a very rare 911 model and hence valuable.