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Porsche 964 Anniversary  Coupe

Also referred to as a ‘Works Turbo Look’ or Anniversary.

Essentially this was a 964 C4 Coupe with a full Turbo Body and Carrera 4 chassis and motor. Unlike the 911 Carrera 3.2 ‘Turbo Look’  of the 80’s,  these did not share the suspension or brakes of the Turbo.

Introduced in March 1993 to celebrate the 30 years of continuous production of the 911, this was only available as a coupe.

picture above is a 964 Jubilee in Viola metallic – note; large rear wing is a non standard item.

The specification was like the 1993 model Carrera 4, but with full leather, the electric rear spoiler, 17″ Cup wheels, sunroof and air conditioning.

Most of the 911 built were painted in Viola Metallic (a dark purple colour as picture above), on the engine lid a badge saying 30 Jahre 911′. Each car was numbered and a plaque mounted on the rear shelf displays a the number (1 to 911). Folding the rear seats reveals a 911 Anniversary logo embossed into the carpet (below).

photo right shows the most common ‘standard’ interior in Rubicon leather. left shows detail of the 911 Anniversary logo embossed into the carpet.

Although most ‘Anniversary‘ models were in Viola metallic (as pictured below), I have owned original cars in Black metallic and silver.  I expect Porsche built other colours for customers too.

I believe that at the end of 964 production (December 1993) Porsche built 12 more turbo body Carrera 4’s. Just like the ‘anniversary’ cars but without any numbers or plaques.

So far I have come across a silver with black leather, a red with scarlet leather and an Oak green (the last built) with black leather.

In fact I owned the oak green. I was told that these twelve cars were produced for special clients of Porsche within Germany.