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Porsche 964 TURBO II3.3.

These are truly superb cars, even by today’s standards. Fast, but refined and feel like made from solid rock. Costing new around $95000 in the U.S. The 911 Turbo was dropped in July 1989, prior to the end of the 911 3.2 Carrera production. It was reintroduced for September 1990 in the ‘new’ 964 body to help boost the car sales.

(pictured a 1991 silver 964 Turbo II with ‘Works Power Kit’ giving 355hp).

There was not enough time to develop the new 3.6 Litre engine, so the decision was made to use the older, but tried and tested 3.3 Litre unit albeit extensively improved.

The motor had motronic ignition, a new turbo, bigger intercooler and now 0.7bar boost (the old one used 0.8bar).  It had the dual mass flywheel from the Carrera 2/4 and a five speed transaxle with limited slip differential.

Larger brakes, ABS, power steering, 17″ Cup alloys, air conditioning, on board computer and double airbags.  The only ‘major’ options left to choose were sunroof and either ‘comfort’ or ‘sports’ seats.


In standard form the 911 Turbo II produced 320hp which was enough to propel this luxury equipped 911 to 60mph in 4.7 seconds.

The speed keeps building at a fantastic rate, all the way through to around 170mph (275kmh) – on your private road of course. One option was a ‘Factory Power Kit’ which raised horsepower to 355, these are quite rare, but noticeably quicker still.

The 964 3.3 Turbo II was built for only two years, 1991 and 1992 (3660 made) and then replaced with the 3.6 Turbo.

A special model was briefly made in 1992 called the 911 Turbo S. 80 cars were built with a modified 3.3 motor giving 381hp. These were lighter weight (in the style of a Carrera RS), so wind up windows, no rear seats, thin glass e.t.c. The body had lightweight panels and vented rear fenders, 18″ Split rim wheels and Recaro lightweight bucket seats. I want one of these for myself please.

The Devils own…………Various tuners modified the Turbo throughout the World, but this red car was the best 964 I have driven.

Built at some huge cost by Hans Schroder Racing, but for road use, it had a 3.4 dual ignition motor producing around 450hp.

This 911 was quick. Capable of around 187mph (300kmh) – longer private road, it handled just as well as it went. Retaining all the regular Turbo II luxuries, this is one 911 that I would have loved to keep.

pictured right my favourite Porsche 964 Turbo II.

We advertised it as the ‘Devils own’ and sold it to a very mild mannered chap. It ran modified suspension, and  on 18″ Techart rims, otherwise this Turbo II looked stock.

964 TURBO II 3.6.

The 911 3.6 Turbo II took over from the 3.3 for the 1993 model year, and as the 993 was on its way for 1994, it means that these Turbo II 3.6 are particularly rare. Less than 1000 cars in total.

On first glance they appear like a 3.3, but had beautiful, 18″ split rim Alloys as standard, plus ran lower suspension (by 20mm for Europeans – not for N.America) compared with the 3.3.

Pictured left. The 911 Turbo is from 1993 , in midnight blue metallic with light grey leather.

The motor was a development of the 3.6 Carrera 2/4 engine producing 360hp. The clutch was similar to an RS, so a heavier action , a tighter Limited slip differential and bigger brakes with red callipers were fitted.

Inside the Turbo 3.6 retained all the luxury equipment any previous 911 Turbo owner had been used to. In the car below left you can see full light grey leather ‘sports’ or ‘turbo’ seats, double airbags, all electrics, air conditioning e.t.c.

Porsche 911 964 Turbo II convertible

A Porsche 911 964 Turbo II convertible?……….they didn’t make them did they?

Dealing with Porsche 911 I occasionally stumble across ‘odd’ models or specifications and this one is very odd indeed.

Its no secret that Porsche will provide (within reason) whatever the customers desire.

During the 1990’s the Porsche exclusive studio offered a whole range of ‘list’ options, everything from leather air vents and switches, to gold instrument bezels and such like. Tastes vary.

Porsche would accommodate requests for more exotic choices too. Even in 1981 they would make a ‘slant nose 911’ if you were prepared to pay. Hence the unusual cars.

This is a genuine  Porsche 911 964 Turbo II convertible. Only 4 were built, with just one coming to the U.K. And it’s that one I have pictured.

Although a 1993 chassis number you can see it uses the ‘older’ 911 3.3 Turbo motor and suspension. This one had gone into a private collection and covered a nominal mileage.

Other unique features you can see are the ‘RS’ style rear bumper and the ‘one off’ black and white leather interior.

Very pretty and now with a new owner.

NEW INFO. 2011. We have just had contact with an owner in Australia regarding the 964 WTL Turbo convertible. He claims 6 were made, two for Britain, one for Australia (rhd) and 3 for Germany.

As with many Porsche factory ‘Specials’ there is some argument. Here is his car: