Porsche Carrera 911 or 993 series was the last of the air cooled classic Porsche. Introduced for the 1994 model year, the first few 993 were registered in Europe in September 1993. Actually called just ‘Carrera’ rather than Carrera 2, all the same these were 2 wheel drive with 272hp and a genuine top speed of 168mph (tried and tested!).

The picture is of an early 1994 993 C2 Coupe with the optional 17″ Cup wheels, sport chassis, LSD and ABD.photo of 993 Carrera Coupe, 1994 model, silver with black leather

For the 1995 model the Tiptronic S option became available. This is nice in town, operates really well, no real reliability problems, the only disadvantage being less vigorous performance than the six speed manual.

As usual with new models from Porsche the Coupe was introduced first then the cabriolet. Later (for the ’96 series) the Glass roof Targa was introduced.

Although Porsche continually refine and improve their range every year, the next major change was the introduction of the 285hp ‘Varioram’ motor for the 1996 series.

993 Carrera 4. The new 993 model Carrera 4 became available for 1995 with a further simplified four-wheel drive system and ABD (Automatic Brake Differential) which was a form of traction control (available as an option for 2 wheel drive 993). The new system now added only 50 kg’s extra weight to the car, a worthwhile reduction from the previous 964 C4 model.

In addition the 4 wheel drive system gave a little better balance to the handling of the 993, compared to the previous 964, without any noticeable performance penalty.

The C4 models were more costly new (about $6000) and available in coupe or convertible body styles, but only with manual gearbox. On the used market Carrera 4 may cost a little more than Carrera 2.

Visually the 2 and 4 wheel drive cars looked almost identical other than the Carrera 4 had white indicators on the front and red on the    back (as you can see in this pic of a 993 C4 I supplied) compared to the Carrera’s which are orange on the front, plus C4 had silver painted brake callipers.

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