“They don’t make then like this anymore……………This Porsche 993 Carrera 4 S was great. LHD from 1997 with just 10,000miles on it.”

These are one of the rarest of all 993 models and one of the last of the air-cooled 911.

With a full Turbo body and Turbo brakes and chassis these are indeed special. This one has the optional fixed Turbo rear wing (rather than the electric device normally fitted) and so has a very aggressive appearance.

I drove this 911 on a superb 600 mile journey, which featured a fair selection of different roads. Everything from great open undulating and twisting single track to three lane highways.

I always feel very comfortable and secure in a good 911 and there is nothing I like driving more. This one didn’t disappoint. The beauty is that you can cover some vast distances, without fatigue and at any pace you like.

Although not a full 993 Bi Turbo, the 285hp varioram motor goes well enough for me. Above about 4500rpm it really starts to fly and gives out a noticeable roar when working at high rpm.

On the twisty stuff this C4S handles well, the tight hairpins provoked a bit of understeer (push) but at all times the 911 felt stable. To be honest the least pleasant driving was in town , with poor surfaces where the stiffer suspension set up of a C4S (a C2S would have a normal 993 set up) made for a less comfortable drive. Get the thing out of town and on the open road.

Brakes you can imagine are just superb (notice the red turbo callipers), the clutch is light, the gearbox (six speed) is easy to use and the whole car feels so very solid. Others have described a 911 as feeling like it is ‘hewn from solid rock’ and they are not wrong. All 911 up to and including 993 feel this way – and that’s what I love.

This particular Porsche with such few miles on it represents a pretty good buy in my opinion, its done 10,000miles, so although now 5 years old, its in a near new condition, the person buying it will get 95% the qualities that the first owner enjoyed brand new – but for 50% of the cost. Isn’t that a bargain. Porsche 993C4S interior in classic grey leather.(now sold).

Compared to a 996, well you could buy a nice 996 for the same price as this rare 993 – although with a few more miles. But I would take the 993, a more solid feel, heavier feel, the last of the air cooled cars, it has more character, more soul – and looks superb into the bargain. Adrian Crawford.

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