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For 1996 a special version of the Carrera 4 was available – the C4S. This had the full Turbo chassis and suspension of the Turbo 4, including the wider Turbo body and Turbo type 18″ wheels. Essentially this was a Turbo 993, minus the turbo motor. Optional was the fixed ‘Turbo’ rear spoiler (as seen in this pic of my 1997 993 C4S in Zenith blue) , most examples seem to have been ordered with the electric spoiler.

The Porsche 993 C2S was introduced in 1997 and perhaps was built to boost the sales of 993 prior to the new 996 arriving.

Again this Porsche had the Turbo wide body, a unique ‘split’ electric spoiler (see pic of a 1997 993 C2S I owned in black metallic, with 18″ RS split rim wheels), but the regular 993 Carrera 2 chassis. 18″ Turbo wheels were optional.

In this pic you can see the Carrera S script on the engine lid, the ‘split’ spoiler and the small spoiler mounted to the back end of the roof.