Porsche 993 Targa. During 1994 Porsche announced that a Targa version of the 993 would not be available. However in 1995 a new Targa was introduced. Totally different from the Targa’s of previous models – this was an elegant (and complex) system of sliding glass with electric operation based on the chassis of a convertible.

The roof of the car is composed of 3 glass panels (a wind deflector, the sunroof and the rear screen).

The main panel can be electrically operated to slide down inside the rear screen of the car, emulating a Cabriolet. Meanwhile the glass wind deflector motors up and reduces interior wind buffeting. Additionally a ‘blind’ motors in to hide inside the headlining above the sun visors.

The cars start life as a cabriolet body with the ‘Targa’ assembly bolted into place. The ‘993 Targa‘ is very desirable and used prices reflect this.

To drive you have a choice of options;

1/ With the roof shut and blind in place it is like driving a coupe;

2/ With the roof shut and the blind retracted you have a panoramic view, very light and quite special;

3/ Next you can open the first section of glass, a flip up wind deflector which gives nice fresh air circulation;

4/ Or you can slide open the whole glass panel (it slides inside the rear screen) and have an open air Porsche (as in this picture of a silver 993 Targa with navy blue leather).

There are some compromises. The system is complex, you have a little more wind noise at speed and the chance of minor water ingress through the frameless door glass. Incidentally the roof glass is treated to reflect heat so you won’t bake.

The 993 Targa was introduced for the 1996 model year, so all examples are likely to be 285hp varioram cars. Like most things Porsche, there are anomalies, for example I found a very early Targa registered July 1995 with a 272hp motor. Porsche 993 Targa were only available as 2 wheel drive, manual or tiptronic.

The Targa had a unique alloy wheel. 17″ in two pieces, the centre secured to the rim by 24 Bolts. Regular single piece 17″ Cup design were optional.