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“993 varioram. Ok the power difference is 272BHP vs 285BHP but does the extra 13BHP make any noticeable difference on acceleration, mid-range torque or top speed??? Was it a much needed engine upgrade or just Porsche refining an already quality engine?


Always promised myself a 993! ”

Varioram or not?
“Seems to me that most of us use only a % of the available hp most of the time, what with traffic etc. On top of that there is in my experience more difference between individual cars (now that they are over 6 year old) than between varioram and 272. Sure slightly more torque, but buy the best 993 you can find and don’t get your knickers in a twist over the hp.

If you have to pedal it better.

On depreciation,

Assuming you look after your Porsche 993 I don’t think you will experience % terms any difference in depreciation. Wear and tear is linked to mileage and style of usage, so you have to judge each car on its own merits.

But, in the trade there is a big difference in value/saleability as 993 approach 80+ thousand miles , it doesn’t mean the car will be bad, far from it. But will make them less attractive. Additionally some items like clutches, wishbones, dampers will have a lifespan, and you don’t really want to be the one renovating all the tired pieces.

Each car is different but by 80K most will need or have had some big invoices.

One more point. The drive. A 993 C4S against a 993 C4… The S is much stiffer, therefore consider the type of driver you really are and whether the extra chassis stiffness is valuable (ultimate handling) or an inconvenience (comfort).

The best thing is to take a look at both/all see what you like, because that’s always best. But buy a good one.” Adrian Crawford.