Boxster 987.

For the 2005 model year Porsche re launched the Boxster and almost every detail of it changed.  Known as the 987 series, the 2005- Boxsters offer more power and styling inspired by the Carrera GT.

Offered with two engine choices, the 2.7 and the 3.2S. I am often asked which one to recommend and that isnt easy. Both make excellent sportscars. Its worth noting that the 2.7 is now with 240hp, the previous generation 3.2S was 260 hp. The new 3.2S has become 280 hp, both offer more than sufficient performance.

But the engine power is just a tiny part of the story. Its behind the wheel, on a twisting empty B road that these cars really shine. With absolute limits way in excess of what most people are looking to do on the roads, precise communications and feedback are more important and combined with a natural balance these are truly impressive Porsche.

Although on Top Gear it seems that the power is everything, thats just not it in the real world. we have to live with the cars as well. And here the Boxster does a rather fine job, easy to use, beautiful quality and dead practical too (for a 2 seater). The hood is superb and up and down electrically in a jiffy. No leaks, no wind noise just superb. So much so that the optional hard top seems irrelevant.

For the 2006 model the 3.2 was uprated to a 3.4 and later, for 2009 the 2.7 became a 2.9. I cant honestly say that’s too important, my advice is

987 navigation

987 navigation


to find a good example that suits you and worry less about the engine size.


How much has it actually changed form the 986?  Well you could spend a lot of time looking for any shared components, everything visible is different. Not only the body, but on the inside too. It has better seats, a little more room plus a revised dash and if fitted a much better (though not perfect) navigation system.




987 2.7 gt silver with cocoa

987 2.7 gt silver with cocoa


There are a choice of manual gearbox’s all with easy operation and light clutch’s plus a very effective tiptronic gearbox of which I am a fan. Very easy to use as a clever auto , but with a bit of  knowledge, you can get most everything from the tip that is achievable from a manual.





If you can afford a decent used Porsche Boxster then don’t wait, don’t miss out, these are great cars to own and nowadays can be purchased for little more than a miserable hatchback. Do it.



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