The basic 911 Carrera 3.2 remained relatively unchanged throughout its production life, although by the end of 1989 when production finished, the car had inherited many minor spec changes along with a new, larger, stronger G50 gearbox in 1987.

Essentially three body types were available, Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet.

(picture right Porsche 911 3.2 Targa, from 1988, without spoiler package, Turbo Spec 16″ Fuchs, diamond blue metallic)

In addition to the basic spec, customers were able to order a host of detail equipment, from heated seats (lh option 139, rh 340), top tint screen (468), through to spoiler package (front and rear together 473), wider and bigger Fuchs wheels (16″ in various widths), sport suspension( 031), limited slip differential (220), air conditioning (559). The option list was huge.

Additionally for those customers with deep enough pockets, paintwork could be ‘to sample’ (cars like this will have a paint code L999), interior finish in leather or to sample and also for the first time a ‘Works turbo look’ body was available (known as SSE or Supersport in some Countries).

(photo left is a very special ‘Works Turbo Look’ 911 3.2, special factory order from their ‘Exclusive Studio’ with vented rear fenders, colour interior to sample and many one off features).

As always with Porsche, different regions or markets might have had slightly different standard equipment levels. For example, the British always got a sunroof, the Italians usually air con, limited slip differential and no rear seat belts, for North America air conditioning and Leather would have been commonplace, therefore if you are buying a 911 that was originally built for another market check the detail spec..

Pictured right is a very early Porsche 911 3.2 from the end of 1983 (’84 model) and below is another 3.2 Coupe, this one from the end of 1989 in Oak Green metallic with Caramel leather. You can see that its hard to tell the difference. Wider rear wheels (for ’89) and the aerial moved from the rh fender to the screen (for ’85).

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Clubsport.

One of the most rare of all 3.2 series was the ‘Clubsport’ and identified by option M637. Just 340cars produced during 1988 and ’89 model years. Essentially an ‘optimised’ 3.2 Coupe, lighter by 110lbs, with a red line increased to 6840rpm, different computer chip, a short shift gearlever, Bilstien sport shocks, spoiler package, 16″ Fuchs wheels. To save weight, equipment was pared right down, no electric seats or windows, no rear seats, no air con and no under body sealant.

Pictured right and below a rare 911Clubsport in original Guards red. One of 340 Clubsport’s. This is a one owner from new (seen for sale in Germany 2003).

Most Clubsport were in Grand Prix white, some with ‘Carrera CS’ decals on the side, white, red or black wheel centres. All were coupe apart from the inevitable special order of a single Targa. Of the other colours I have heard of guards red, silver and black.

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Anniversary.

To commemorate 25years of 911 production an Anniversary Carrera was offered. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Jubilee’. Only 875 cars were manufactured, including coupe, Targa and cabriolet. Painted in Diamond  blue metallic, the difference was inside. The leather interior was in a unique ‘metallic’ blue (very eighties), with ‘F. Porsche’ embossed in the head restraints of the front seats and a silver blue silk velour carpet. I believe they were largely the same specification, with spoiler package, 16″ Fuchs and sport suspension.

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