It's the car you want to own...

Driving a Porsche 911 Turbo 1987 model………..a mans car!

I guarantee, that any red blooded chap, or lady, that likes their driving will enjoy one of these.

First of all Porsche Turbo are surprisingly placid and mellow. Not what you might think at all. They are smooth, quiet and well mannered……….until you put your foot down.

You need to wait a little for the boost to pick up, but once it does the 911 Turbo flies up the road, a really strong and continuous shove in the back, which will keep going to exciting speeds.

The gearshift is like all 911 of this age, a bit slow and a firm hand needed, but 3rd or 4th gear performance is superb.

With 300bhp and no abs, pas, traction control or other modern conveniences to help – its certainly not for the clumsy or heavy handed idiot. These take care and practise.

Of course you get the rock solid feel, good visibility and tremendous feeling of quality that is in all good condition older Porsche 911.

Maintenance for a 911 Turbo will be a bit more but many owners will not be doing a high mileage anyway.