For 1989 through to the end of ’89 Porsche offered a most beautiful car. It was not exactly planned.

Porsche had decided to offer a new, simple, lightweight open 911, to be built on the ‘new’ 964 series chassis. But development of the 964 series fell behind schedule and coupled to the slump in 911 sales in North America, it was decided to offer the new Speedster on the ‘old’ 3.2 chassis in the hope of boosting sales.

Picture right is an ’89 speedster, built for the North American market, in guards red with Turbo Look option, air conditioning, full leather and comfort seats.

Most noticeable is the smaller and more steeply angled windscreen. There is no screen surround, the door glass winds down fully into the door without the need for the 1/4 lights of other models and the screen can be simply unbolted for sports events.

left is the interior of the red 911speedster.

The hood was single lined, smaller and lighter than a convertible and when folded was able to be completely hidden under a plastic cover.

Inside the car further weight was saved with the removal of the rear seats. No spoiler package was offered although for Germany and USA 1894 were built as ‘Turbo Look’. 2065 Speedsters built in total 823 for the U.S. The Speedster. A ‘flat or slant nose ‘ was a further option but very rare and may be a less desirable proposition as most buyers look for the traditional 911 shape.

Today Speedsters fetch a premium over the ‘regular’ 3.2 models, although the mechanical spec was the same. Porsche were quick to point out that the hood offered ‘weather protection’ and was not to be expected to offer the same comfort as a full convertible. Some examples were ordered with air conditioning, comfort or ‘turbo’ seats.  

Right is a photo of a special order speedster , with ‘Turbo body, Turbo SE vented rear fenders and side mouldings. This one in platinum silver with a brown roof -unusual and nice.