Porsche 993 Turbo 4.

Also know as the Bi-Turbo or Twin turbo. This superb piece of kit was introducedfor the 1995 series. The 3600 cc 993 Turbo 4 developed a maximum output of 408 bhp and features the same four-wheel-drive system of the regular Carrera 4.

With twin turbo chargers, bigger brakes, upgraded suspension, 18″ alloys and the wider body these Turbo were, and continue to be a very special 911 for a very fortunate driver. Like all Porsche, this car is quite capable of being used every day in all ways, up to about 180mph – if you could afford it ($99,000 new in ’95).

Visually the rear fenders are a little wider, the front PU has a more aggressive look and additional brake cooling vents and the Turbo has a fixed ‘whale tale’ rear spoiler (to accommodate the intercooler).

Inside these cars had most of the options Porsche could supply fitted as part of the ’standard’ spec.

photo is a 1996 Porsche 993 Turbo 4.