Find a great used Porsche 996 and avoid the pitfalls that are waiting for the uninformed.

Is the Porsche 996 Targa above a genuine beauty, or is it crashed, clocked or sick?

Having inspected, rejected, bought, sold and serviced 100’s of 996 we think that our advice in this guide could be a major benefit. It is always better to be informed. After all, who would want to buy a Porsche with hidden issues.

This guide gives advice for purchasing, inspecting and testing Porsche 911 996 series Carrera 2, 996 Carrera 4, C4S,  996 Turbo and could be applied to GT3 and GT2. Should you be looking to purchase any of these models this guide cannot guarantee to keep you safe, but it should help you choose more wisely.

Why learn the hard way? Reduce the risk of buying a clocked, crashed, sick, stolen lemon or money pit. Improve your chances of finding the Porsche 911 Carrera or 911 turbo (also know as Porsche 996 Carrera) of your dreams.

Although I am in the market as a dealer, I share exactly the same issues with selecting the right Porsche 996 as you will. The difference is that I have the expertise to swiftly identify the poor cars, the crashed, clocked and sick. There is no magic. Just information and practice. And I will be looking at used Porsche 996 many times a month, every month, every year. I have seen, tried, and inspected 100’s. 

This guide is to help you by passing on information, techniques and experience. It cannot be a guarantee, but is there to help you avoid the worst issues and to help you quickly sort the wheat from the chaff.

The Porsche 996 buyers guide is an electronic download, an ebook similar to a mini website. About 50 pages with many images. It isnt suitable yet for MAC users but we are working on that.

This guide cannot guarantee you success, but the information you will learn is definitely going to help you, it will give you a good process and practical information that you can easily apply to any Porsche 996.  It does not set out to replace the benefits of a Pre Purchase Inspection, but will help you avoid wasting your time or money having the wrong ones PPI’d and might give you enough confidence to risk skipping a PPI completely.

 Click here to see Testimonials. Other people, just like you looking to purchase a Porsche.

Porsche buyers guide 996 turbo

This electronically downloaded ebook will work on PC but may not on a MAC. If you have difficulties email the help line.

buy-now-logo-CC_200x50FACT. Porsche can lead varied lives, most Porsche 911 will look good, but many are hiding problems that could cost you $1000’s………and some are hiding things that you can never put right. Every day, someone crashes, totals, ruins or steals a Porsche, one that you probably would not want to buy but some naive buyer will purchase and regret.

FACT. For far less than a tankful, you can have easy to follow information that’s practical for you to apply Worldwide. It’s concise, current and comprehensive advice… and no padding. Over 40 pages plus detailed pictures showing you exactly what to look for, where to look, the common faults, what to test, how to test it and key questions to ask, it will be a huge advantage for…you will be in a much stronger position when you come to buy your 996 – you will likely know more about the Porsche for sale than the seller.

FACT.The Porsche guide will help you find the right Porsche, in the right condition….and avoiding the money pits.

FACT. Amongst my testimonials you will find other enthusiast like you, experienced buyers, dealers and raw novices who have used the guides to their advantage click here and read what others have to say.

Get prepared before you spend your money on a used Porsche 996.

“All too often I see people buying the wrong Porsche 911 from the wrong people with the wrong information, its essential to get it right. Use the same easy Step by step process that I have employed to find the lovely, genuine examples.” Adrian Crawford.

You will learn;

  • The key questions to ask the seller and the correct answers.
  • The common faults for that model.
  • Where and what to check and test.
  • How to be confident that the car you are buying is genuine.
  • Where to look for hidden accident damage or repairs.
  • How to spot forged/falsified documents.
  • How to make a worthwhile test drive.
  • How you can make a detailed inspection.
  • Guarantees/Warranties ? what they really offer.
  • How you can get a better deal.
  • Negotiate  from a stronger position.
  • Easy fixes and tips.
  • and much more too..


Porsche buyers guide 996 turbo

This electronically downloaded ebook will work on PC but may not on a MAC. If you have difficulties email the help line.

Is the guide worth the money? It may save you buying a lemon and getting conned out of thousands. If it saves you from having a no hoper inspected….or saves one wasted journey to look at an inaccurately described 911 it is money well invested.

What is in the guide? The manual contains the tips and techniques that I have learnt from actually buying 100’s of Porsche year in, year out, not just theory….practical, real life tips that you can easily apply. Each 911 guide is different, all models have their quirks and weaknesses.

Why not get a professional inspection? Before arranging a professional inspection you will need to identify the right Porsche, otherwise you can waste hundreds. Using the guide means you don’t have to totally rely on the inspection.

Buying a Porsche from someone you trust…is great, but everyone can make a mistake….so it still pays to know what you are doing, even if only to confirm your judgement of the person with the Porsche 911 for sale.

Magazine buyers guides are unlikely to be able to cover the subject in detail and are often compiled from various different sources. I have seen some pretty dodgy advice written.

Worldwide. The principles and information are relevant wherever you are looking for a 911. I have customers successfully using the guide all over the World.

Immediate. The various 911 buyers guides are for download on the web to a pc as an electronic book, this means the pictures can be much more detailed and you can get the information almost immediately. 15 mins on a slow modem. Once on your P.C. you can view at will and print as much of the information you like. No waiting for the mail (it’s not a hard book).

Guarantee: “If the guide is not what we say it is and you are not completely satisfied that the information contained is not worth the price, than your money will be refunded no questions asked.” Adrian Crawford.


Porsche buyers guide 996 turbo

For the 996 Porsche Buying Guide Click Here. You will be taken to a secure payment page at Clickbank.




Porsche buyers guide 996 turboPorsche buyers guide 993
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To compliment the Porsche buyers guides you may find this Porsche 911 Review dvd interesting. You can order it here online.

PX006OP7PQ 911 review box shot

Adrian Crawford has the dream job, driving Porsche 911 every day.

For 20 years he has been buying, selling and testing all types of 911. Few people have the experience of so many different Porsche. Which Porsche 911 to choose? this DVD may help you choose.

Over 100 minutes of footage with Adrian driving some great roads in the Cornwall, England and talking about the various models chosen for this first Review.

You go on board 997, a super 993 cabriolet, then compare the 993 Turbo body C2S with 285 hp and a regular 272 hp 993 C2. You also experience a classic 911 Carrera 3.2, not just an ordinary 3.2 but one of the ultra rare Works Turbo Look M491 models. There is a lovely dark blue 964 Coupe to enjoy too.

Hear what Adrian has to say about the Tiptronic gearbox. Is a Tip right for you? It might not be what you think! This DVD will help explain.
You can almost feel the thrill of being behind the wheel, you can certainly hear it! It,s going to give you an unbiased (although he does love all Porsche) insight into the World of Porsche 911.

As he says, ‘there is nothing like driving a 911. It’s special and everyone should own one once in their life’…….

This video compliments the range of ‘911 Secrets’ buyers guides that Adrian Crawford produces helping you check out those 911 for sale to help you find your dream car.

Passion for Porsche.


Porsche 911 Review dvd order it here online.