Porsche 968.

The Porsche 968 is a greatly underated sports car. Built to the same high standards as any other Porsche of the period, you will find that these have lasted well. Even though many have had exciting lives and have survived on budget maintenance. Thats the durability….

Reliability is an extremely important feature to have in a car. If your car is well built it will ensure that once you’ve paid your RAC car insurance at least you won’t have to pay bigger mechanics bills and it won’t depreciate in value either, so you are pretty much sorted.

911 have always been more valuable, but if you are after a sports car with a lovely chassis , look no further.  A good 968 stops, steers and handles beautifully. Composed, capable , these cars make great road cars and even better trackday weapons. With a big 3/0 4 cylinder engine, like the 944 it was derived from, the engine sits well back, with the gearbox at the rear, weight distribution is perfect.

Launched to replace the 944 in 1992, the 968 had a short production run that only lasted  4 years.

During which time you could order a regular coupe or convertible, with 6 speed manual or tiptronic gearbox. For the purists the  cone to have is the Porsche 968 Club Sport. These are collectable and sought after. However, by nature the majority of these will have been on (and off) a track at some time. It is what they were designed to do, but does mean that finding a lovely original example is a bit harder and significantly more expensive.

Porsche 968 Club Sport.  I have had several of these . They feel fabulous on the road, part of that is the ‘sport’ suspension, part is the slightly lighter weight, but I think a lot i because of the superb competition seats and sport steering wheel. Try a Club Sport with regular seats and its not so pure a connection…and the connection with the road is everything.



Porsche 968 Sport. I have owned a few of these too. They share the same sports suspension as the Club Sport, so you can enjoy the great chassis, they also have a few bits ‘left off’ at the factory, rear wash wipe,  electric seats etc so are in fact lighter than a standard coupe. You dont pay or receive for Club Sport money but have a car that is pretty close. I reckon with a pair of seats in it you wouldnt be far behind at all. This one I used for a couple of weekends away, putting a icycle in the back, our luggage and what a practical, fun, long legged machine it is. Suprisingly economic and in my view, a pretty car.


Porsche 968 Coupe. I have had a few of these too. More compliant, quieter and a heavier feel. Still for a weekend tourer or day to day driver way better than buying a new Fiat. Porsche didnt skimp on the quality, take one for a long run and you will appreciate how good they are.


Porsche 968 Convertible. I have owned some of these too!! Pictured is a tiptronic. Now call me an old git but I like the tiptronic, it suits the nature of a cruiser like this. The convertibles do handle nice and one recently had a sport chassis and LSD, it worked well. But for me when I drive a convertible I ask less of it. Here is my favourite. Its unique, the only one built in Continental Orange. Now living in Munich with Carsten. It was soooperb and made me smile every time I saw it or drove it.


There we have it, a car that has inherantly good balance, is durable, is fun and is built so darn well. We have supplied many and really enjoy them.  Another ’90’s Hero.