In my own business as a Porsche specialist I deal with Porsche daily so I get to see, drive, inspect and own hundreds of Porsche Boxster and Boxster S…..and I like themn fact the more I use them, the more I appreciate how darn good they are.  Make no mistake, these are great cars, whatever model or year you choose, buy a good Boxster and you should have a car that feels great and brings a smile every time you use it.

The Porsche Boxster has an incomparable balance and natural agility. The flat six motor, with its weight low down is mounted in the middle of the car for perfect balance.

If you can afford a decent used Porsche Boxster then don’t wait, don’t miss out, these are great cars to own and nowadays can be purchased for little more than a miserable hatchback. Do it.

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I supply, sell and source to order all models of Boxster.

I can supply right hand drive from 1997 to new, I can supply Left hand drive Boxster. Nationwide and for Export.