It's the car you want to own...

Built in 1972/3, the Porsche 911 2.7 RS was a ‘productionised’ club racer, lighter, quicker, stiffer than the road car, it was the start of the Porsche RS series, a theme revisited for the 964 RS of 1992 and the 993 RS of 1995.

This is a fine example of an original Classic 911 2.7 RS. I saw this one advertised in Germany with an original 7000 kilometeres from new.

The price asked would have made you wince. It does look beautiful and that’s why its here.


Porsche 911 RS of any year are excellent long term investment cars. Although you cant guarantee cars will go up in value these classic 911 outperform their regular stablemates both in sheer performance and in resale values and are likely to continue doing so.

I wonder if the 996 GT3 will do the same?

A simiar Porsche 2.7 RS lightweight.