Porsche recommend only ‘N’ rated tyres. Repeat…the correct tyre for your Porsche will have an ‘N’ rating printed on the sidewall.

This is really important but is often overlooked by tyre dealers.  The N rating is a special tyre, tested and authorized by Porsche as being suitable for your car. If you deviate from the N marked tyres you may experience poor handling or stability. It may have a consequence for your insurers and it will have a negative effect on the enjoyment and feeling you get when you drive these special cars.

It’s not unusual to find Porsche 911 (and Boxster) fitted with a good make of tyre, the correct speed rating but not ‘N’ marked.  If you are experiencing poor handling or instability check the tyres before doing anything else.  With so much weight over the rear of a 911 the rear tyres are critical to its handling and many 911 are spoiled by the fitment of incorrect tyres.  When you order from an online discount tyre dealer or go to your nearest high performance tire dealer be certain they understand to order N marked tires.

Before you frighten yourself or worse, or purchase a car take a good look at the tyres. On the sidewall you should clearly see N0, or N1, N2, N3 or N4 depending on the model and age of the Porsche.

We are more than happy to offer advice in this area, fel free to make contact if you have and concerns.