Porsche Restoration and refurbishment.

Having been dealing with quality Porsche since 1991 we have accumulated a great deal of expertise and assembled skilled craftsman capable of refinishing or rebuilding your valuable Porsche to a very high standard.

We understand how the cars should be repaired, how they should be dismantled and re assembled. We have through years of blood, pain, tears found the right people to do the right job.

This experience should not be underestimated, we see all too often a Porsche ruined simply because the repairer in their ignorance of the model has overlooked something important that could or should have been dealt with efficiently in the beginning.  We deal with Porsche and only Porsche because of this simple fact.

Ultimately we want to hand back the Porsche, looking and driving the way it should.

Whether its an accident repair on your  Porsche that you want to have dealt with invisibly, or a full restoration on a classic please contact us to discuss.

The devil is in the detail and we will do our very best for you.

Please call the office 01752 840307 to discuss your situation.

Bodywork, accident repairs, convertible hoods, targa tops, trim, carpets, leather, dial restoration, engine and mechanical restoration and detailing, fuchs wheel refurbishment, alloy wheel repairs and refinishing.