Getting the right people to Service your Porsche is one of the secrets to a safe, satisfying ownership experience.

It’s absolutely vital that your Porsche is serviced expertly and intelligently. Working only from a service schedule may be adequate when your Porsche remains under the manufacturers warranty but as your Porsche gathers miles and years, it is essential that you find trustworthy and experienced people to service your Porsche. We are able to look after you in our own workshop where we have five technicians who between them have the expertise for all era of Porsche, the latest models through to the oldest 356.

We take care of all Porsche servicing, repair, improvement , accident repair and restoration needs…and we do care….and we are careful.

An intelligent and experienced Porsche workshop will often be able to repair rather than replace , they will have the experience to advise what should be done, rather than simply rebuilding every component on the car at your expense and they will be able to help prevent problems prior to expensive failure in many instances.

So please choose carefully.

Here at Williams Crawford Ltd in Plymouth we service and repair  all Porsche, all era, modern and classic. We provide special special services for those cars and clients that require it, we look after any Porsche with care, expertise and honesty.

We also have a list of Recommended Service Partners throughout the UK. If you are looking for a good independant in your area just ask and we will normally be able to put forward someone we can trust.

In Honiton we have SCS porsche, although we would rather you bring your Porsche to us, this Company we can recommend. For Porsche Service in North Devon we have Braunton Garage who are Porsche specialists, these guy are also good.