Here at Williams Crawford we have over 20 years experience buying, selling, servicing and restoring all models of Porsche from 356 to 991, we consider ourselves to be highly expert in the field and our experience helps us to create an environment that drives our business forward. In the Video above Adrian touches on a few ideas that we felt we should further explain. These being –

  • Classic Porsche Grading
  • Expectations in line with Period
  • Types of Customer and Usage
  • Where We Come In

One of our main challenges is sourcing Porsche we feel to be outstanding within its particular market position, this being; Age, condition, price and customer expectancy. The following is an explanation of these key factors. We believe it is important to understand what goes into the used Porsche you may be considering viewing. As always we are here to help so if this sparks further questions please feel free to contact us.

Classic Porsche Grading

We use a similar grading system with modern Porsche however for this purpose the grading of a classic Porsche will be used to demonstrate the idea.

In addition to a vehicle’s condition, other factors can influence a price. Particularly, number of previous owners, it’s originality and documentation to support build claims or restoration work can all greatly affect a vehicle’s value.  Note – The addition of factory options can greatly impact the vehicle’s value.

grading triangleOne way to think of the grading system is to visualize a pyramid in which A grade is at the top and ‘E’ grade is at the bottom. The point of the pyramid has only enough room for the best one or two cars of a particular model. At the next level, the pyramid can fit more cars. At level 3, even more cars can fit and so on. Think of the car or cars at the top of the pyramid as the absolute best of the best these will be less common meaning you will simply have far less viewing potential, as you run down the scale you will see more and more vehicles giving you a greater but more difficult choice. 

A to E Grading Explained

grading image‘A’ Grade. Top class

This would apply to an excellently Restored or a Near Perfect Original Porsche. They should be hard to criticize with the components operating and appearing as new. An original car may have signs of its age, less luster in the paint, signs of slight wear on the inside which are authentic and offset the restored appearance of everything like new. In either situation the car should be to current Maximum Professional Standards of quality in every area. An example would be a very low mile/km car in a condition that has defied time. It is an exceptional or outstanding example without issues or need for further investment in the near or mid term.

‘B’ Grade. Collectable

This could be a Porsche that has had a careful restoration or a very nice largely original lower mileage example. A car that would be admired at a regional Porsche show. A well-restored car or a combination of superior restoration and excellent original; also in this class could be an extremely well-maintained original showing very minimal wear. This is a car without immediate needs, that is turnkey and ready to enjoy without foreseeing further significant investment. These are cars that have the appearance of a very clean late model Porsche

‘C’ Grade Good Driver Quality

A good driver quality Porsche that has a very presentable appearance. This could be a completely operable original or “older restoration” showing some wear; Also in this category would be a good amateur restoration a presentable and serviceable car and although it may have some small issues or imperfections that prevent it being a ‘B’ grade.

‘D’ Grade: Driver quality

A drivable example needing no or only minor work to be enjoyed;  Also, an older restoration or an amateur restoration. All components may need restoration to be “excellent,” but the car is mostly useable “as it is.”  A Porsche you can enjoy without it being too fussy. These cars do have noticeable wear and tear, but still have a lot of life and functionality left in them. They are reliable, although there are likely to be minor items that are faulty, may be worth monitoring or items that could benefit from repair or replacement.

‘E’ Grade: Worthy of Restoration or repair.

This is a Porsche that needs restoration of body, chassis or interior; It may or may not be running, but isn’t severely weathered, wrecked or stripped to the point of being useful only for parts.

The experience of owning a classic Porsche will be different to owning modern Porsche, both in the way they drive, the way they feel and the maintenance requirements.

Our aim is to provide you with a Porsche that is fairly described, well prepared and your expectations met. We provide our own Classic Porsche Guarantee to support you and give you confidence but by the nature of the car, the age, the era, the Guarantee has limitations.

Expectations in line with Period

The experience of owning a Classic Porsche will be different to owning Modern Porsche, both in the way they drive, the way they feel and the maintenance requirements. It is really important that you consider carefully the period from which your classic was developed, more than anything else this has a major impact in the expectancies you must have for it. Remember you are going to have to live with it so think carefully.

period imageThe 1950’s.

Very much built by hand, before “Hand Built” became linked to quality. Made by hand, hammered by hand and welded by hand meaning everyone has the potential to be different. You will find no two 50’s Porsche to be identical, you may find issues with parts fitment and other period related quirks. When

The 1960’s

When smoking cigarettes was the norm, a time before we knew smoking to be bad and didn’t look as cool as we all thought. The cars were simple, the experience pure. Crossply tyres were only just being superseded by new fangled Radial equivalents.  

The 1970’s.

In the 70’s it was still okay to say a 911 Turbo was going to challenge the most experienced driver and to depict a car flat out and flying! Big Shirts and small skirts were king!

The 1980’s

In the 80’s anti lock braking was still “your responsibility” power and speed went up massively but along with it came No ABS No Power Steering and absolutely No Traction Control.  

The 1990’s

The 90’s brought with them many advances; Heating that worked, ABS that helped you stop, Power Steering but still kept the thrills of the 80’s. Stability management was a thing of the near future and Porsche still supplied you a 175mph car without airbags!

Types of Customer and Desired Usage

customer image

Let’s start by saying we are all fans of Porsche and we believe Porsche to be a Marquee that any enthusiast must own at least once in their life, many different types of people choose to buy a Porsche and the reasons can be quite different.

You could think about these as 4 main types these being –

A1 – The Porsche Collector

A2 – The serious Porsche Enthusiast

A3 – The Driver

A4 – The Home Mechanic

Where we come in

4 parts of the pieThere’s so much that goes into any used car you might be considering purchasing we like to think of it as 4 parts of the pie.

Viewing cars at independent specialists gets you the closest to having all 4 pieces of the pie, the better the reputation of your chosen dealer the more of the pie they will include.

1 – The Sourcing of a Great Example

2 – Strong Pre Sales Assessment and Preparation

3 – Locating the Right Customer and providing a Great Buying Experience

4 – Aftercare Support and Problem Resolution

Here at Williams Crawford we are serious about what we do so we can guarantee you an inclusive and worthwhile buying experience. The ability to view a Porsche that sits proudly in its market position. Is priced, prepared and presented to a really high standard.

We believe that aftercare is really what it’s all about. We provide strong warranties and deal with problems on a case by case basis. It is our belief that we are here to provide solutions to problems as and when they arrive (and arrive they will especially with a Classic). There are No Guarentees when buying a used car only the ability to have probelms resolved. We are in this buisness becuase of our passion for the product and our passion to do buisness in the right fashion. Our strong reputation is based on years of Quality Experiences, we liek to form long term relationships with people and enjoy much repeat buisness. If you are looking for a company you can trust – You’ve found us!