For Enthusiasts, by Enthusiasts.

Occasionally we come across something that is so good that we should let you know.

One such Company offer the most wonderful driving holidays in our favourite car, when the owner of the business contacted me, wanting another 911 for his fleet, I almost signed up for one of the breaks there and then. You might be forgiven for thinking I get enough fun day to day… can never have too much.

Driving a 911 on good roads is just the most wonderful experience, and one that few people ever have the opportunity of doing. That’s changed. Now there is no excuse!

It’s not a ‘cheap’ holiday however, this is a trip of a lifetime! For those of you that would love to whistle along those open mountain passes, call or email us here…………   and we will get the 911 dreammaker to contact you.  Here are a few words from our man;

Porsche 911

Why the Porsche 911? The rear mounted, air-cooled six cylinder of the Porsche 911 is legendary. Its power band made it the choice of world class rallying and racing teams from the 1960s to the 1980s. The sound and made it iconi. The 911’s design is timeless and has become synonymous with “Made in Germany” engineering. This perfect combination of engineering rationale and emotion is the passion that we in our hearts!

Experience the most breathtaking roads in the Alps

Beyond sharing our passion for the cars, we are passionate about motoring throughout the alpine region. Our vehicles are tuned to perfection and our road books guarantee a most memorable driving experience on the most breathtaking country roads and passes in the Alps. Whether you select a trip in the Bavarian Alps, with their world famous culture, the Austrian Alps, with their snow crested peaks and unbeatable cuisine, or the Dolomites, our personal favorite, Passo Tourismo’s tours offer it all. Take a short break and be rejuvenated like you have been on vacation for weeks…

Hotels and Cuisine

Each one of our tours has its own unique thrills and destination. Part of the experience is staying in some of the best hotels the region has to offer and enjoying world-class gourmet cuisine. Our team comprises “foodies” and people who know (and enjoy) the finer things in life. All of our partner hotels have been hand selected and checked by us – a sure bet that your stay will exceed your expectations.

The Roadtrip of a Lifetime

By combining our passions for the 911, alpine motoring and outstanding cuisine and creature comforts, our tours truly are “Roadtrips of a Lifetime”. Let us take the hassle out of your driving experience. Sit back, enjoy the hum of the flat-six engine, feel the breeze in your hair and take in this world famous region from an entirely new vantage point. It’s all been arranged for you and we look forward to sharing our world with you.Call us here at Williams Crawford or email and we will encourage you!