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World class gauges for classics & competition

GaugePilot offers the most comprehensive vehicle & engine monitoring systems in the world. Sunny days, passion and spirited drives are what classic cars are all about, but as we age, so does our car’s instrumentation. Today we are accustomed to having our vehicle’s electronic brain keeping watch on our daily transport. GaugePilot has been engineered to bring you the benefits of modern electronic monitoring, but in an instrument that matches the style and quality materials of classic motoring.

  • GaugePilot Classic – the Classic is the ultimate Vehicle Protection System for your classic car
  • GaugePilot Clubman – entry-level competition product, the Clubman is a rally focused instrument at a competitive price
  • GaugePilot Rally – mid-range competition model, the Rally offers a broader GaugePilot experience
  • GaugePilot Rally Pro – The pinnacle of the competition range, the Rally Pro is the instrument of choice for complex events such as the Mille Miglia and Targa Florio.
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Pure British Engineering

Our goal for GaugePilot has been to retain the engineering and manufacturing process within the UK and locally to the south-west of England where possible.


Designed and built to high precision in the UK

The Classic is the ultimate Vehicle Protection System for your classic car, with modern engine sensors providing digital accuracy for all gauges and the gorgeous 4.3” colour LCD display presenting the information as traditional analogue gauges; with anti-reflection coatings making the super-bright screen clear to see in all lighting conditions. The Vehicle Protection System can pre-empt a car breakdown or full-on failure potentially saving you from an expensive repair bill and meaning you stay safer on the road.



Heritage styling & meticulous detail

We’ve taken great pleasure in engineering the GaugePilot, and it is designed to appeal to those who share our passion for modern gadgets concealed by heritage detailing. We hope you enjoy the same satisfaction when you get hands-on with a GaugePilot as we do creating each and every one.

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