I supplied Steve a Porsche 964 C2 manual. I dont think he ever expected it to be such fun.

Hi Adrian,

 What a thrill!  I never would have thought it would be such a buzz.  We had the whole day on the track, there were 4 clubs involved and we were split into groups, two groups of cars and two of single-seat racers. 

 I was in a group of track prepared cars on slicks so was a bit disadvantaged – the other group of cars were road-going like mine but as I have enough power they put me in with the pros!  

 We did about 12 laps per session, the first session I was lapped three times by Jean Luc and his V6 Alpine, but second time out I went for it and he only caught me once, I even overtook two of the others…and got a lot of really good feedback from many of the drivers on how well behaved the Porsche was in the bends given the road tyres and set-up.  They all said I could  accelerate with them on the straights but it was a tiny track 1,4km with very little straight, so I lost out in the curves.  I did manage to get it to drift too, which surprised me – I was expecting it to spin rather than drift given all the horror stories you hear.

 Didn’t manage to damage the car and considering it was fighting the rev limiter for most of the Sunday it was amazing to be able to drive it calmly the 450km back home the next day! It really is a most impressive machine. I will have to get some new tyres though, they look really ‘bubbled’ especially on the outer edges!

 Was some interesting kit there in the single seaters too, they must be pretty violent to drive! I packed it in and didn’t go out for the last two afternoon sessions, I was feeling incredibly tired and things were getting a bit out of hand with the regulars trying to settle some scores! Can’t wait to take it on a long wide circuit.  And now you have to find my another one to prepare……This has been one of the best purchases I have ever made in terms of out and out pleasure it has brought – thanks mate! Steve

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