There is nothing quite like driving a Porsche: it’s a car everyone should own once in their lifetime.

Modern Porsche Sales. ‘the answer is yes, we would love to supply you’.

Richard Williams is your contact for all modern Porsche. We can sell much of what the main dealer sells, new Porsche and nearly new Porsche. We also supply what the main dealer often overlooks, that is very good earlier 997, Cayenne, Panamera, 996, Boxsters and Cayman. Being Independent we can think outside of the box and supply Left hand drive Porsche via our Continental Partners.

We may not have in stock exactly the Porsche you want, however we can often find the right one for you. Just take a moment to call us, ask for Richard Williams. We will serve you with grace, a smile, honesty and care.


Classic Porsche Sales. ‘enthusiasm guaranteed.

Adrian Crawford is your contact for classic Porsche. We supply a broad range, and many of them never get to be advertised here. A good part of our business is rather like an automotive matchmaking service,  the right car to the right client.

We do love owning these fabulous cars too so there are always classic Porsche in our stock. It may be something that is true collector or investment quality, it could be a great, characterful  daily driver, or it might be a Porsche awaiting restoration.

Whatever, we have to offer we will endeavour to inform, be clear and advise. Enthusiasm is guaranteed.

All Porsche Wanted. ‘prompt, polite and a safe sale’.

Should you be considering selling please contact us, we could be interested and make for a quick, safe and easy sale. From the very latest near new or new, through to a barn find 356, individual cars or collections. We can offer various services including outright sale, sale or return or brokerage, Call and we will discuss an arrangement that works for both parties.


Bespoke Porsche and restoration. ‘whatever you like you can have!’

We refurbish, restore, and create bespoke Porsche to your specification.

Porsche Servicing. ‘placing your Porsche in the right hands’.

We service Porsche here on site. However we have a network of recommended service partners to whom we entrust our clients cars throughout the UK. Call for advice.

Better than us selling our services, we let our customers sell for us! Here are a couple of recent emails which we hope illustrate what we do and how we do it;

“My heart was set on a late model Porsche Boxster.  My car had to be a convertible, and having considered the 911 and Boxster, the smaller car just felt right to me.  The problem was finding a good one! I’m a very fussy buyer and keep my cars in as close to new condition as possible, so I wanted the very best as a starting point.  I must have looked at ten different cars of varying quality when a friend put me on to Adrian at Williams Crawford.  Instantly Adrian knew the kind of buyer I was and said he’d keep an eye out for me, but made it quite clear that a five year old car in showroom condition for my budget wasn’t the kind of thing he saw every day.

Amazingly, just a few days later Adrian rang me and said he’d found something that I may be very interested in.  The car was from a very fastidious buyer and it all checked out on his investigations.  A set of detailed photographs and a thorough report later and I was ready to buy the car. It sounded perfect.  When I arrived at Williams Crawford, I realised every car they had there was of the kind of standard I would consider, and my Boxster was perfect in every way.

It’s not just the buying process that is second to none, but the relationship they build with you, and the aftercare you receive too. I have already said my next car will be coming from Williams Crawford, I can’t wait!”

Tom S.

Hello Adrian, Well, it’s a little over one year now since I made the long train trip down to Saltash to buy the above Boxster from you. I am very pleased I did too. The car has been running beautifully, with only a new battery and an ignition switch requiring replacement. She passed her MOT recently with no advisories.I have enjoyed every minute of open top motoring in such a well built piece of German engineering. One of the first thing I did was to get the garage floor and walls painted in the new house ready for the Boxster. She even sits on her own piece of carpet! Would like a 996 longer term, but for now the Boxster puts a silly grin on my face every time I get behind the wheel. Every trip is an event, which is what it should be in a Porsche.Thanks for introducing me to the joys of Porsche ownership.Kind Regards,Christopher .