Porsche Museum II.

Following from my previous Porsche Museum  post, I thought I ought to share some more pictures. This time of Porsche road cars.

The trip to the Museum was so good. I could spend days in there so if you love Porsche and ever can craft a visit into another trip then definitely do so. Part of the pleasure in this particular Museum is that not only did the cars all look in good shape, they looked ready to use, like they were still alive, ready. Contrast that  to the museum at Le Mans where most cars are just dusty exhibits, without any life in them, left to rot and probably not even capable of going under their own power. The Porsche museum wasnt like thisat all. Exciting, interesting, involving. Just like the cars.

The cars were not all ‘Pebble Beach Concours’ standard. They were good, ready and usuable. It must be quite a delicate balance and one that Porsche pull off exceptionally well.

Not for me, glass case cars without engine internals…

To set us off nicely here is an  early 930 Turbo in forest green metallic. Imagine 1976. My Dad was still in an MG Midget and this must have seemed incredible.  This 911 was looking like brand new. Equisite.


Here goes.

First up is a 997 wrapped in matt black.

Then a line up of Porsche Turbo road cars, from the early 930, through the 964 3.3 in Amazon green (similar to one I had before), a 993, 996, 997 turbo. No Turbo II 3.6.

A beautiful red 993 Turbo. Why more were not red I dont know. Looks superb.

996 body art. Aboriginal designs on this 996. Looked very interesting. One day a 996 willl become collectable too.

959. Feast your eyes on this 959.

928 GTS from 95. The last of the line of the land shark. Not so many people have ever owned a 928 to realise how darn good they are. The GTS being the final development.

928 Prototype. Seen here from 1976? Naked alluminium.

924 Prototype. This is where the 924, 944 and 968 came from. An early design study.

930 Turbo.

924 GTS. The most special and exotic of all 924.

911 Cabrio 3.2 from 1984.

911 Carrera RS.

Lets take another look at the 996.

My next post from the museum. Porsche competition cars.