A ‘busmans holiday’. Thats what it’s called.

For the last 20 years since starting the business I have generally avoided getting much involved with the Porsche world in my free time other than driving them and reading about them. I always thought that I ought not get involved too much, it’s a business, I am in it all week, I dont need it weekends……now I know different.  It’s a terrilble admission to make at my age….. I was wrong. So very wrong. Going to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart last month was SUPERB. ……GO YOURSELF I RECOMMEND IT……….it is without doubt the best museum I have ever visited. That includes the Schlumph collection  just after it was opened first to the public and the excellent National Auto Museum in Reno Nevada.

The emergency services were there for a fire drill, so we went to look around Porsceh Zentrum Stuttgart

The emergency services were there for a fire drill, so we went to look around Porsche Zentrum Stuttgart

You might have read my last post about back to back in a Boxster, my trip to Stuttgart to meet a customer and swop Porsche with him, well along with the official business we combined a visit to the Museum.
The fun started outside the main dealer. I am the type that reads a magazine from the back cover……so I started in the compound out the back of the official Porsche Center Stuttgart.  Walking straight past all the shiney new cars I spotted these two beauties.





Waiting for service this 911 carrera 3.2

Waiting for service this 911 carrera 3.2

Where better to take your Porsche but back to Stuttgart?  This lovely original 911 Carrera 3.2  was waiting for a service .  Clearly a ‘used’ 911, not a show car and  totally standard down to the correct period  ‘teledial ‘ alloys.  I think thats lovely!  Keeping it company was this bad boy below. The 928 always strikes me as looking like some sort of spaceship. Its was  unique back in 1977 at it’s launch and remains an exciting design to this day. A 928 always stands out from any crowd. Even this one.




All the skills will be there for anyPorsche and this one looks like it may be ready to collect.

All the skills will be there for anyPorsche and this one looks like it may be ready to collect.

I cant say I am that I am completely comfortable with any of the big so called SUV’s whether its a Range Rover, a BMW, Audi or Cayenne.  I am sceptical of the need for them as 4×4, but a market exists therefore they get built. No wonder when the sensible  saloons and estates are made ever lower, sleeker and faster, to the point where they are  no longer very practical, therefore people head towards these big plush ‘off roaders’ yet never take them off road. Its mixed up.  If you want an estate, have an estate, if you want a sports car have one of them, but many of these SUV are trying to be  both sports and practical, they are carrying so much weight that for me they miss the spot…..however  I  acknowledge that a Cayenne is suprisingly good on road and off road and it can compete with any other machine in its category. Still  they were not for me……until now….. I love it…….This could be for me.


A proper use for the Porsche Cayenne

A proper Porsche Cayenne

Doesnt this Cayenne look the business? It sits there with a real sense of purpose. This is how Cayenne should look, not for me the bling 22″ chrome wheels with rubber band tyres. This has presence.. its a Porsche developed for rally raids  and  in the 2007 Transyberia rally, 25 of the 34 4×4 were Cayenne.

Seeing this purposeful competition Cayenne made me feel much more comfortable, that here, in recent times Porsche still develop their road cars from the lessons learnt in competition. Seeing this in the flesh was exciting and were not even in the museum yet! What you cant see is the huge roll cage inside, the stripped out trim, the manual gearbox and Cayenne S V8, the winch secured in the middle of the car where the rear seat would be, the huge guards, beefed up ride height….this is a proper racing Porsche.

The best looking porsche Cayenne.

The best ooking porsche Cayenne.

And one more  Porsche to drool over before we venture inside the museum.  As you can imagine this yellow Porsche Carrera GT drew a crowd. I had to shoo them away to take this shot.  Not actually a crowd of buyers……at Euro 249900 you only get a buyer every once in a while.






At Euro249900 the crowd surrounding this werent likely to be buyers.

At Euro249900 the crowd surrounding this werent likely to be buyers.

We lingered inside the dealership for some while, then made our way to the Museum across the road. Inside one of the first cars we saw wasnt even a Porsche.







Early Beetle at Porsche

I have to admit that I am no expert in the early Porsche, 356 isnt something I have ever handled although my coleague here, Duncan, does have a strong knowledge of these.  Suffice to say, the examples in the Porsche museam were superb quality and served to show the depth of engineering excellence that all Porsche enjoy.  you are given a little walkman, into which you number of the exhibit and then can listen to the commentary. It’s fascinating.

In the picture  galley, you can see the silver with red leather split screen 356 roadster, chassis no 1. The very early split screen 356 coupe.  The bright blue is a 356A Carrera Speedster, there is a silver 356B 1600GS Carrera GT and a 356 Police car. Fabulous.

This is just a taster, next blog post will have some spectacular racers and some special road cars in it. For now its all I can manage.