Midsummer Porsche Review 2012.

Far from doom and gloom, my customers are generally an optimistic bunch who are still making ends meet and having enough overlap with those ends to support buying a Porsche of some sort.

One thing good that has come out of this ‘recession’ (which I prefer to think of as an adjustment) seems to be a new attitude.

A good attitude . One where folk seem to be keen to actually enjoy their money rather than leave it in the bank. At least you can see your’money’ on the driveway and are insured if it went missing!

Enjoying it.   Enjoying life.

Barring a bit of grumbling that I indulge in, running this business, handling all these Porsche is a good life and through those dealings I get to meet some wonderful folk and enjoy some great cars. I thought you might like to see a few that have stood out for me this year.

The 997 C2s. I hope by now you know we offer a Porsche sourcing service. This is the product of that service. My customer  had dealt with me way back in the 90’s when I bought his BMW and came back  to me some 13 years later for his first ever Porsche. I found him an absolute cracker, with only 24000 miles from new.  Not only was Ian a super nice guy to deal with, he was so pleased with his Porsche it was a real pleasure. It also supported the theory that nice cars come from nice people. The previous owner, who had cherished his car from new, was also a delight to deal with. We all came out of the deal happy. We got what we want, we enjoyed the process, that is a great feeling. Here it is;

Porsche 997 C2S in Artic silver with Palm leather.

993 Turbo.  Although most of the principals I have come from my Mum, once or twice I do indulge in things I know she wouldn’t approve of. This time it’s  a 993, heavily modified by the secretive Mr Brombacher who owns FVD in Germany. Well known for their high power conversions and modifications, FVD are one of the foremost German Porsche tuners and this was a creation of theirs. A 993 bi turbo with 520+ bhp. Enormous torque. With a car like this you cant help but talk about power and speed. And I feel privileged to have been able to briefly own  this 911.  Again it was a case of buying from a really lovely Italian gentleman and selling to an equally pleasant German. It has to be said that between the three of us there must be a shared naughtiness as this car is rather mad and brings out the devil in the driver.

The challenge, is not from other road users (as they are swatted like a fly on the windscreen) but restraint. Forever you are holding this Porsche back, trying to drive at an appropriate pace. It just wants to carry you on and on. This is the exact opposite of what one might initially think. You need to be ever so restrained rather than mad to drive this 911.

As some sort of measure, it would be significantly quicker than a modern 997 Turbo…..very exciting.

I can tell you, I had one of the very best drives ever in this car. Fantastic. It’s going to a good home, a man with restraint and a man who will appreciate his special Porsche.  Here it is.

Porsche 993 turbo by FVD Brombacher

Porsche 993 turbo by FVD Brombacher

964 C2.   This is the 911 in the header photo. An old friend.  Just like the very best true friends, you can be apart for years without contact and immediately on meeting again strike up from where you left off years ago. They are the same enjoyable company as they always were. In fact its a really good measure of the depth of that friendship. And so too with this 964. This one I first bought in Germany way back in the late nineties. t was then a great example that drove exceptionally well.  The next owner did some good work, developing the motor and suspension with Pickup Motorsport. He turned it into an even better car. Heading in the direction of a Carrera RS but with a little more comfort for the road. Then it came back to me. I had a great time with it and sold it to another like minded chap…who further refined the spec….then it came back. Over those 13 years I have seen and enjoyed this 964 several times. Its without a sunroof, and with all the right bits. This 964 is just great to drive and she is back, just as much fun as before.

I took it out one damp day for a 80 mile  drive on some great roads. Just as I remember, fun, exciting, a pleasure to operate and a much better companion on the road than the various 964 RS I have owned. Don’t shoot at me for saying that, there is a load of fun with a 964 RS but they are very ‘focused’ and this modified C2 gives me a better blend of performance , handling and comfort than the RS. And without the big ticket price. Here it is;

964 C2 in guards red.

964 C2 in guards red.

997 Turbo. I have a client in Poland who loves cars. And loves Porsche in particular. He has the illness pretty bad and just cannot help himself…..so he needs me. Now I know some folk have doubts over the type of people that buy a flashy Porsche turbo. But Dave is very different from that image. He says he is an ‘ordinary’ bloke but in fact he is extraordinary. A real pleasant person to deal with. And now he fancies a 997 turbo, he can afford one, so why not?

It’s a recurring theme, the previous owner was recommended to speak to me and I found him a pleasure to deal with and of course our man Dave is a pleasure too. Surprise surprise a lovely example of a 997 Turbo, good cars come from nice folk.  This one is especially nice in Cobalt blue with ocean blue leather. That’s very dark blue and looks superb inside. But it’s behind the wheel where the depth of engineering can be noticed. Of course there is loads of electronic trickery on these cars to protect you and the car from too much trouble. It feels almost normal if one just tickles it along. Make no mistake though, pick up the pace and these cars sing. And even with the ‘Active suspension’ the ‘stability management’ the ‘overboost’, the ‘sports button’ , the’ anti lock’, this is still very much a drivers car. The potential of course is more than can be fully explored on the road. However there is no shortage of fun to be had.  Depreciation is a double edged sword which on the plus side allows us to indulge in a Porsche that was over a £100,000 new. Value… this 21000 mile flagship Porsche is about half the price it was new.  This is a supercar that can definitely be used daily and should never seem ‘ordinary’.

One more thing. Our client in Poland kindly agreed to loan his so far ‘unseen’ 911 to me last friday. So before we meet him with his 997 in Berlin, he let me use it for a special trip. I had made a promise to cheauffeur a rather special and very

Marie Claire and Luke on their way to the prom.

Marie Claire and Luke on their way to the prom.

deserving 16 year old young lady called Marie Clare to her prom. She was beside herself when I pulled up at her home.She had never touched a Porsche before let alone sat in one.  She declared it to be the best car at here prom night.  Better even then the stretched pink Hummer she though………oh dear.  Here  is the 997.