For those of you of a certain age you must remember Anneka Rice and ‘Challenge Anneka’.

From what I recall she zoomed around in her beach buggy and  every week she and her team were given some sort of challenge to complete. Good game. But one I had forgotten.

However I was reminded of it when it was not Challenge Anneka but Challenge Adrian.

Challenges often turn up on our desk.  We have plenty of clients that ask/challenge us to source a good Porsche for them. They can be absolutely anywhere in the World. It’s something we do.

Some clients know exactly what they want down to the type of interior leather or heated seats. In this instance we try to find their ideal Porsche, it could be a Panamera, it could be a classic. And once we find it, everyone is happy.

Other customers dont know exactly what they want. In which case we take the time to discuss with them the options, the choices, what they fancy, we discuss how they will use it, what they like or dream of and maybe what type of cars they enjoyed in the past. We are trying to matchmake the right Porsche for that individual.This is a better plan,





Happy owners tell more folk and we get more business. Sell someone a car that doesnt suit them and you have just one sale and possibley have contaminated your market. Not smart.

Just two weeks ago we received a call from an existing client that was more unusual.

It was ‘Challenge Adrian’.

This customer called and simply asked that we supply him a Porsche, something he would like, Within a rough budget. And within two weeks. Not only that, but it must be a secret.  No not from his better half, but a secret from him until he arrived here. We must not consult him, or tell him what we found. Oh dear.

That’s a challenge. Sometimes we cant even find ‘any’ Porsche to buy in two weeks for ourselves, let alone one to satisfy an experienced driver, a man that likes, no, loves cars, loves excitement, yet likes as new a condition as he can, and relies on me to feed his desire. This is a man who calls from abroad, returns to the UK only once in a while and likes something special.

So far we have given him some beautiful classic Porsche, modern Porsche and now we must find another. But it’s our choice.

So where do we go, what can we find that is suitable , exciting, like new, a decent long term investment and different from what he has already?

I compiled a shortlist.

Here it is:

993 Turbo. Rare, fast, capable of long journeys to the airport and a special experience. I found a couple of candidates but they just didn’t feel sharp enough or were too expensive.

964 Turbo II, again rare, and probably harder to find then the 993. Many have been abused and finding a good one would be tough. In two weeks. We couldn’t find one that I liked.

930 Turbo. Again hard to find, but a great car, real quality. Similar to Porsche already owned or experienced by ‘our man’ therefore not top of our list.

996 GT3. Plenty have been thrashed and thats what they do best, Very focused. Maybe not a good road car for our star.

997 GT3. Easier to find the condition, within budget, and a darn good machine. Plenty about and low miles too.

996 GT2. Monstrously fast, exciting and with a reputation that might worry your wife. Plenty of crashed and thrashed with these and that certainly isnt the deal. We need ultra good and many have had exciting lives.

Two weeks, that’s what we  have.

I worked like mad, searched, called, asked, e mailed, advertised and eventually found it.

By now though our customer is desperate. Calling, emailing, begging to find out what we had bought for him.

We cant reveal the customer,  but we can reveal the car.

Exciting yes. Collectable. Yes. Fast. Yes. Like new. Yes. Rare. Yes.

This is what we supplied.

It,’s a 996 GT3 Mk II. with only 7000 miles. No accidents and no signs of any visits to the track or to the scenery. Original. All but like new. And its a Club Sport making it more lively more rare and more desirable . It also has some options, the most important being PCCB  the fantastic  ceramic brake package.





The only clue we gave him wass a recording from my phone of it blasting out of a tunnel. It sounded glorious, crackling, rasping and hard edged. More like one would hear from an air cool 911. Certainly not a sound you would associate with a 996 or 997.





996 GT3 clubsport adrian crawford williams crawfordOur mystery buyer was made up the moment he saw it.







And within 3 meters of moving it out of our garage stopped. I thought there was a problem. He dropped the window. Already he knew it was something special.






3 days later and remember, this is a man that has owned and driven  loads of impressive cars. Quote’ The best car I have ever owned by a mile and a half’. Fantastic.





Our Mystery buyer with yours truly.


In another blog I will describe what it was like from behind the wheel.