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It’s the people behind the shiny image that are most important. We are Adrian Crawford, Richard Williams and a team we are proud of.

Through the trials and tribulations of our business we all remain fans of Porsche. We love them. We are proud to be able to work with them and work for their owners. We share the Passion and the sign is above the door ‘Passion for Porsche.

This is our team and just like an Formula One team, everyone plays their part, from checking a trye pressure though to mailing a letter.

You will get a warm welcome from any of us, we appreciate your business.

Adrian Crawford

Adrian Crawford
Adrian CrawfordDirector & Porsche Specialist

Some of my highlights

I was the boy on the bike…. a friend of my Father pulled up in a new 911 (930) turbo back in 1976, it looked like it came from outer space. I loved motorsport so naturally supported Porsche even when I should have been concentrating on other things at school. Once I started driving (legally) I wanted cars that could take my youthful excesses…..Porsche could, my first was a 78 924, great chassis and strong, then 924 Turbo, and my first 911, a 2.4 T targa.

Skip forward and I was making progress rallying, then racing…I love driving and that where Porsche excel. It’s also something we as a company are particular with, that the cars must drive properly. Tarted up wobblers are not for me.

Having gone from doing everything in my business to delegating tasks I look at some of the projects we undertake and wish I could get the spanners out! I love seeing the creation of restorations, I love helping create the bespoke Porsche, but most of all, I love the genuinely nice folk, that share my Passion for Porsche, coming through the door or calling…..it feels like we are all aiming for the same thing. The enjoyment of a Porsche.

Some of my highlights

I grew up in my family’s garage business, with cars in the blood. Prior to joining up with Adrian and growing the business to the level it is now, we actually did the maintenance of his Porsche’s. Doing that maintenance, testing them, delivering them gave me the introduction to the Porsche brand, the driving appeal and the quality of engineering. I learnt to really appreciate the Porsche marque. Joining forces brought another revelation, what nice people we deal with.

This is a superb business in that we have a fabulous product, lovely customers and get to enjoy all manner of Porsche, from the 50’s through to new. Its a dream.

Richard Williams

Richard Williams
Richard WilliamsDirector & Porsche Specialist
MeganOffice and Administration Manager
Megan is our Office and Administration manager, she has been with the business for years and seen it grow from a team of 4.
She is our rock.
Rarely daydreaming but when she does it could be about being behind the wheel of a 1958 Porsche 356.

Kim is our main administrator and joined the team in 2015, since then she has become a much loved member of the team. If you phone it will most likely be Kim that takes your call.

She is calm in a crisis, a great person to have around and is as reliable as a good Porsche. Putting a face to the names and hearing your story, that’s part of the enjoyment in her work.

LillyCustomer Service
Lilly’s role is customer service, she can be found in the workshop and in the parts department and handles every Porsche part that passes through our hands. We love her bright and positive personality.
What she enjoys most about her job? “is it too cheesy to say all of it? It may sometimes be challenging, but I like a good challenge”.
Lilly’s loves modified cars, so her dream Porsche: a 930 turbo in Dark Purple or Blue.
DalePorsche Specialist
Dale has been with Williams Crawford ever since the business consisted of Adrian, a p.a. and a mechanic. You might speak to him about a sales car, or selling your Porsche, he has a great technical knowledge and inspects and manages the new stock.
Driving the Porsche’s is what Dale loves, he might deliver your new one!
A 993 Carrera 2s in Ocean Jade metallic with a classic grey leather interior would be his Dream Porsche.
GrahamMaster Restorer
Graham is our master restorer and has 25 years experience restoring classic Porsche. He’s the sort of guy that just knows the answer no matter how obscure and is as comfortable building engines as he is repairing a 1956 356 clock or fitting a cabriolet roof. Nothing is beyond his talent.
Having skills like this allow us to create World Class restorations, hot rod Porsche and bespoke builds.
A craftsman, a man who cares.

Mark is a chap who would never let you down. Having known Adrian for way too long and been a technician all his life, little escapes his gaze.
One of the quiet and unhurried types that simply get the job done.
I remember one particular car , a 964 Turbo that had been standing for 10 years and required complete dismantling, every day for two months Mark went to the same car, keeping moving through it. Its just completed a European trip and has seen 180 mph….nothing would be left to chance. I would trust his work, you can too.
Gavin is all about a keen eye for detail. Neat, clean and immensely careful. If you have a Porsche with not a mark, Gavin could disassemble it and reassemble and leave….not a mark.
He completed a bespoke build, this was a Supercharged 964 convertible that you can see in our blog. It looked perfect.
If something needs to be done really beautifully Gavin is the man for the job.
He would like to build his own 964 Coupe, gulf blue, supercharged….it would be a jewel.
DeanTechnician and engine builder.
Dean is one of our team of great technicians. He takes responsibility for most engine builds.
It would come as no surprise to guess he loves the modified Porsche scene….and he is entirely capable of modifying one however you choose.
He loves the quality of the engineering, marvels at the tight tolerances, has an attention to detail that borders on the obsessive, keeps his tools neat and immaculate and loves driving. He is in the right place.
Mark has come a full circle. He used to work for Richard Williams when Williams Crawford were two different businesses. At the time, it was often Mark who worked on the Porsche that Adrian sent.
He has joined us and impressed with a great can do attitude and attention to detail.
Reliable as the best Porsche, you will find a cheerful, confident and conscientious technician if he is working on your car.
IanVehicle Preparation & Detailing
Hidden behind the scenes and working hard is Ian. He is the man who puts the cherry on the icing on the cake. All Porsche leaving us for their new lives are meticulously prepared to ensure that they make their exits in pristine condition. From a simple wash and chamois to a complete machine polish, Ian’s attention to detail and ‘no-cutting-corners’ approach results in a fantastic finish that such special cars deserve.
LouisePhotography, Advertising & Social Media
Louise is a self-confessed Petrol Head. She is the lady behind the camera and often behind the words. Organised, efficient and with a great eye. It means she gets to drive most of the machinery and probably has the best job here!
JamieParts Department
Jamie looks after Porsche parts. Reliable, organised and a pleasure to deal with. From a bolt to a body panel, he is the man who will find the part and ensure it is delivered and ready for action. He has 70 years of Porsche to supply parts for and each Porsche has something like 4000 parts…..that keeps him busy and he is at his best when busy.

Are you special? Are you looking to have your skills valued? We are always interested in talking to great people and seeing if they can fit into our business. You may have a talent that we didn’t know we needed! If you would like be considered please send a covering letter and your CV.

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