You get a lot of it…Passion for Porsche that is and this superb 993 Turbo told a superb story.

There is no doubt that you must have the bug pretty bad to be buying a turbo 911.  When new these hand built super cars with 408 hp , twin turbo’s and four wheel drive would have been 217000 Deutsche marks,and about £90-100k here in the UK. Buying one was no mean feat. And now, with prices of air cool Porsche forever rising, they can be upwards of Euro 50,000.

I have to tell you that a 993 Bi Turbo is an experience, and experience to drive and for an experienced hand. If you are just tootling around they simply feel good, quiet and comfortable, but push that right pedal and let the turbo’s do their job and these cars fly. They will keep flying all the way towards the 200mph, well not quite to the 200, but far enough that  what you thought was a straight road will now have curves in it.

So to this white 993. This has gone one step further. To start with its had the comfy seats ditched in place of lightweight racing seats, gone too is the original suspension, that’s now top rate MOTON fully adjustable with GT2 roll bars, brake work, lighter flywheel (helps the engine respond more quickly) and various other work. Someone wanted something special.




More surprising is that the 4 wheel drive has been ditched too. This significantly reduces weight, sharpens steering and makes an already challenging 911 become even more of a challenge. Now daft as all that seems I get this, Porsche got it too, for they manufactures a Bi Turbo with two wheel drive in the form of a 993 GT2. These are ultra rare, and ultra expensive. No doubt the owner of this one simply wanted the ultimate test, and that’s a GT2, but didn’t want or need to spend the budget required to buy one. He created his own. I find that very interesting.

Its quite rare that we find out the whole story from a car 17 years old and especially so a Porsche that has  lived in three different Countries. By pure chance we learnt a good portion of the story.

Lets get things in order…..well the order they happened for me. NBelieve me that it would have been much more convenient if we knew the whole story in the beginning but the fun was in finding it out.

The start for me was some while ago. I had seen this 993 turbo some 12 months previous when I collected a car from a secure storage facility. I had taken a brief look around and  though it looked interesting.  Sitting ultra low and with lightweight seats. A Porsche with a story to tell. Thats all we knew.

Nearly 12 months after first seeing it I was called with the invitation to purchase. There was no  opportunity to actually speak to the owner so we had to purchase on the little we knew. That we did and I arranged for it to be collected by the trusted Ernie.

That’s unusual in itself because I  usually collect cars like this myself to get to know them on the way home. I enjoy it.  But our delivery driver simply drove it home and commented it was a bit lumpy on the suspension, the lightweight seat wasn’t to his liking and that it seemed to go very well.

Hmmm, I simply cant resist trying a good Porsche, even on a miserable, wet night. There was no stopping me, I wanted to try it right now….see what its like, how it handles. And even after having 911 for 25 + years they still feel special and exciting. I thought it was super, hard, lively, tight and fast. Just what I like.

However my wife, in her Friday night finest didn’t share my enthusiasm. I think getting in and dropping into the deep sparsely padded race seat didn’t help. Neither did it help when I snaked away from the toll booth, with the turbo’s kicking in, the wheels spinning and gently switching one way and then the other.  Maybe this wasn’t the right choice for a dinner date.  Even after a lovely dinner and the best part of a super bottle of wine, my Wife still didn’t warm to this car.

The next thing is always to service an inspected the car. We could see it had a small fortune spent on it, a 2 wheel drive conversion (hence the snaking under power which so impressed my wife), Moton suspension (which so impressed her with the ride quality-not), all sorts of thing had been changed to make this a rather special and very exciting 993 turbo. More 993 GT2 than bi turbo. A Porsche that’s suitable for an experienced hand at the wheel.  The previous owner must have been very keen, one might say ‘passionate’.

Grand Prix white and nephrite green leather. Unusual. The spec, no sunroof, special leather trimmed dials with white faces. Unusual.

Then a call from a gentleman in Germany. A dealer. He had been searching for a white 993 turbo without sunroof for his own personal collection, not re sale. He had been looking for years. I gave him dozens of photos, including the service books and invoices and told him we didn’t know a lot about the story.

20 minutes later hes back on the phone. He must buy it. No questions.

It turned out that once he had seen the history, he recognised that the car had been delivered new in his town, serviced in his town by the local Porsche Center, then serviced by his own company before moving to Belgium and finally coming here. He knew the original owner who he told me, would buy a new 911 every couple of years, and always white with green leather.

Passion, I loved this unusual 911, the original owner must have been passionate and now its turned a circle to go all the way back to the chap who saw it new and desired it for 18 years. What a result. Its sweet, its romantic, its madness. And can you imagine the reaction of  the first person will be to get an invite to see this car. Its going to be the original owner.

I know these cars are only metal and rubber, but they often hold such great stories, such great memories and these experiences are wrapped up in them.  I wish I knew all the adventures and excitement that have been enjoyed. What they have done and who with….

That’s for you too, for you to create more memories, experiences and adventures in your Porsche.  A Porsche is for the pleasure of the driver. It’s a passion.

Bravo. Live life. Enjoy.