Porsche 911 2.7 S Coupe.




Non sunroof.

This little darling has been receiving a good deal of love over the last year, resulting in a superbly usuable, pretty and strong classic 911 with huge character.

This is a no frills 911, and that’s a very nice thing to experience. No electrics other than the windows, new lightweight carpet in grey perlon, lightweight door cards to the RS style, lightweight period bucket seats with black corduroy centers and delete rear seats. Its got a rebuilt , willing, revy and healthy 2.7 motor, 5 speed 915 gearbox and Bilstein shocks with new 195/15 Toyo Proxis. This 911 not only looks the part, it works really well too.

It’s a cracking drive, and actually an easy 911 to handle, the small tyres giving plenty of communication and allowing a fair bit of latitude with cornering!

The body has been completely rebuilt but starting with a solid base car. It has super smooth Grand Prix White, with a grp ducktail lid (or flat lid) and is all the more better for its simplicity.

So what we have on offer is a 911 with bags of personality, one that brings a smile to your face when you see it, looks fabulous is a joy to drive on a winding road, is happy to be whipping along the Autobahn at 180-190 kmh, and can be used rather than parked int he garage. It gives confidence. It’s fun. It’s dead cool. I love it.

Incidentally, we did a proper test with her too, and there is a blog describing it here on our site. It does exactly what a 911 should do. We have completed over 1000km and its needed nothing more than fuel.

The aim of this restoration was to bring back to life a worthy 911 that needed a friend! and as such we repaired, replaced or inspected everything on the car as the build  progressed. What we did would not have been commercially viable for a private owner. We did though start with a good solid base car.

We stripped her down, removing all bolt on panels, glass seals, interior trim and the engine and transmission. The engine went off to be checked and anything required was to be done. Meanwhile the body was jigged and checked for straightness and corrosion. Significantly the floors, sills seat pans, kidney bowls, inner wings, rear 1/4 panels were all in good shape and the car had not had other accident repairs previously.

It received a full windows out panels off repaint in Grand Prix white, then we carefully reassembled the body with new beading, new screen rubbers, door rubbers, bumper moldings, door seals and topped it off with a new badge.

The suspension we checked and replaced anything that was required.  The brakes were fully inspected and serviced,

The engine was returned checked and serviced. With a leak down test to prove its health, valve clearances done, and all service items replaced, the tinware and cross-member was powder coated and refitted. It was clear that the motor had received a good quality rebuild  and was in excellent shape.

Saying it now seems so straight forward, but the reality is that you replace so many seemingly minor things that it actually takes a huge amount of time and a small fortune to do a good job.

The headlining was replaced, the carpets replaced, front seats replaced with period buckets, door panels replaced, glass refitted with new seals front and rear, front screen replaced, door rubbers, engine lid seal, body beading, bumper rubber trims and so much more . If you fancy something to bring a smile to your face, and is a blast from behind the wheel then tempt me to sell on of my favourite 911……

No frills, pure fun!

See blog article

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