911 Carrera 3.2 Sport Targa G50




This is a lovely example. Prices for 911 of this age are all over the place but so too is condition. Sadly the condition and price do not always relate to one another. In this case we will be charging an appropriate price but you will have purchased a top car . This is the most economic way of owning a top quality 911, because purchasing cheap only to do it up is uneconomic for most.

This 911 has had a sheltered life, with the last owner for 15 years, there is not a spec of the dreaded on it to be found. The paint and detail is super. A deep shine, no refinishing required and lovely Fuchs alloys. Inside sports seats with original and excellent carpets.

Original books, service history (much with Porsche), paperwork file, tools,double keys, pump etc

I have just driven 200 miles along the south coast with the roof off and really enjoyed my drive, it runs along at any speed you choose or dare, is an absolute delight on a journey like that, up down, twisting around and keeping to a high average speed with the sun, sounds and smells sweeping into the cabin.

We can, should it suit you, remove the spoilers but do keep them for posterity. Fashions change.

Now on its way to a new owner who will enjoy the wind in the hair 911 motoring that these are so good at.

Thank you Joel.