Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 Sport Coupe.

Hello Adrian, You will remember the Lagoon Green 3.2 that you sold me in December. I can assure you that it is being well looked after, but at the same time used whenever possible. I think that it is probably the best car that I have ever owned and I should have bought one years ago. Normally, whenever you buy a car, you get it home and start finding lots of things wrong, that you did not pick up when inspecting the car prior to purchase, but not the case with this one. Apart from polishing it, all I have done is fix the squeaky fan and replace the oil level sensor, it really is a lovely car. Anyway, I will send you a picture for your wall when the summer comes. All the best,  Dean



An exceptional example. These are becoming so very rare to see now in good and original order and this example has been in the care of a meticulous gentleman for the last 7 years. Dry use only. Original full detailed history with all books and history folder laid out with the same meticulous attention to detail that the car displays.  106000 miles.

Production date – 01.07.1988

First registration date – 01.08.1988

Factory options – Bumpers with impact absorbers, Radio Blaupunkt Toronto SQR 46, 3 point rear seat belts, Forged alloy wheels, Anti theft device, Rear wiper, electric front seats, Spoilers, Sports shock absorbers, Hi-Fi Sound system, Amplifier System, Sun Roof, Velour carpet in luggage compartment.

Paintwork – Laguna Green metallic (Special Order) 35Y. This is a soft silver blue/green.

Interior – Marine Blue dash and door tops, linen door panels and carpets, Linen leather seats (in immaculate original order). 

Equipment – Electric sunroof, electric windows, heated electric driver and passenger door mirrors, 8 way electric seat controls on both driver and passenger seats, working radio cassette, central locking, original tool-roll and tools, unused spare wheel and tyre inflation pump, all in unused condition.

These are the most rewarding cars to drive and this one drives exactly as it ought to if it were 4 years old…  the owner replaced all shockabsorbers with OE new, discs, pads, bushes, 4 wheel laser alingment, this is very hard to fault.  headlamps have been replaced with new, tailamps new, it is without doubt a very special 911 from a fastidious owner.

Note: this isnt just good, not just immaculate, this is EXCEPTIONAL.

Whats it like to drive? One word. Superb. A 911 Carrera 3.2 was built and designed before the bean counters and pen pushers started to have a major influence on vehicle quality and dynamics. It’s true to say that never again would a manufacture be able to build such a car.

These are not a car built to cater for the masses and they wont appeal to a clumsy, heavy handed driver. But if you are the sort that enjoys your driving, if you like to apply yourself to your driving there is nothing more rewarding. Behind the wheel of this 911, you will find it placid, mellow and mild mannered, but not lazy. It’s a torquey motor and plods along gently if thats what’s needed. However, get the rev counter moving past 4000 rpm, the sound changes, the power starts to rapidly build and this 911 thrills, its a rock solid, unburstable feel that will take you well over 140mph.

Every time I drive a good one (all to seldom now) it sends a tingle down my spine. It reminds me why I love 911. There is, deep down, a hard edge to these cars, they will in skilled hands cover the ground, at speed and with suprisingly little effort. Cover 350 miles at speed, hop out and you cannot fail to have an appreciation for the depth of engineering excellence that is inherant with a good 911 Carrera.

This one is fabulous behind the wheel, absolutely dead straight, communicative , precise and responsive. The clutch and gearshift feel excellent and the motor is extremely willing. Its a very good feeling.