Porsche 911 SC Targa 3.0

June 1983


Left hand drive.

Black metallic with full leather in cream.

We purchased this 911 in 1999 and sold to the current owner in 2001. During this time the gentleman has invested a good amount in his pet  Porsche, carrying out whatever he was advised to do and using a good Porsche Independant for most work. This included a gearbox and clutch overhaul, suspension, heat exchangers, brakes and just recently a full and complete engine overhaul, not just the top end, but the bottom end too. A small fortune spent. The engine sounds superb, is bone dry and ready for another lifetime!  All this on a fundamentally sound and accident free body.  It pulls like a train and drives very well indeed. This is one where in my view you are not looking at major mechanical work for some good time/miles, it’s already been done.

My take is that the body is sound, with good sills, kidney bowls , inner wings , B posts, not welded just a sound & original example.  The body looks tidy, gaps are good, targa roof is good and it can be used as is, however there are a  few areas that could be improved on this 83 SC although they are not essential.  Most obvious is both front wings have micro-blistering and there is a small area of corrosion under the left front screen corner. Nothing too tricky and could easily be sorted out by a good diy er.  There are as usual a few other niggles, rh window doesn’t work and the heater valves are stuck on or disconnected.

So in all a fundamentally good SC with the mechanicals done, a decent body and a great history.

Original German Brief showing 3 hands. Original service book, large records file & original red key. VIL label under hood and original special order 99v black metallic colour.

MOT MAy 2013


Should you want us to prepare the car to whatever level you desire, this could be a full restoration or just tidying up a few items we are here to help.

NOTE. Customers Car.We offer this service to previous customers and charge them a commission upon sale. Thus it means we can offer the car for less than we would normally charge and return them a little more. You are buying from the private owner. If you would like further details, specific information and pictures please ask. We will help. Overseas shipping arranged. Euro equivelant accepted.

NOW SOLD.  Heading for a touring honeymoon in Italy….Thank you Nicholas.