Porsche 911 964 Carrera 2 RS Spirit!





This is one of my all time favourites.  It is the spirit and fun of a legenday 964 RS at a fraction of the price.  And in many ways a better road car than an ‘original’ RS.

This is one of very few original non sunroof coupe, also without the rear wiper, but with factory fit air con and heated sports seats.We know this 911 very well. We first purchased it in Germany in 1999. Delivered new to Sweden in 1990, it was in outstanding  condition back then and with very low km. Since then it has been thoughtfullydeveloped into the car that you see today, a fantastically responsive, communicative and effective 911. Small, narrow, agile, comfortable and understated.

The motor is lovely,  9M did a bespoke remap giving 280 bhp to compliment the lightweight RS clutch and Flywheel and the superb Haywood and Scott exhaust. It sounds crisp and quick. The suspension was set up by 9M with their own spec Bilstein shock absorbers with -30mm H and R springs, braided brake lines and many other detail tweeks.

Not only does this 911 sound absolutely superb, but its vibrant, willing and urgent throughout the rev range. This is one you will want to get up early on a sunday morning and take out. However, with the standard superb sports seats, air con and soundproofing you have a 911 that eats the miles and will result in a grin on your face, from ear to ear at the end of a jounrey. It’s one to drive.

This is not a restoration, this is and original, cosmetically excellent 964, the body is dead straight, never damaged and without corrosion. Inside the same quality, all black, with leather sports seats, original and good. It has the 17″ Cup I alloys in the same style as an RS and Cup mirrors.

Irrespective of the modifications this is a lovely example of a 964, but with the modifications it turns into something much better for the keen driver.

From behind the wheel? First thing you notice is the sound of that flat six, a really crisp exhaust note and instant response from the accelerator. The clutch is light but takes a little delicacy to pull away cleanly. On the road the steering is sharp, the car eager, its waiting for you to explore some more, honestly this is rather good although you ought to be choosing a safe place to fully indulge in it. Great brakes, great suspension, superb sports seats and it’s comfortable to travel with. Top class!

Complete with the original tools, service book, a huge invoice folder, UK registered and in stock now. Fly in and drive her home. We can help with travel and overnight arrangements.

Now sold . Thank you Eifion