Porsche 964 Carrera 2 coupe.



This is a car we have built for Adrian over the last 18 months and spent a small fortune on it.  A  late model 964 Carrera 2 ‘N’ series with the later motor,  we have had a glass out repaint in Maritime Blue, from the original Cobalt blue, fited new Bilstein suspension, lowered 40mm, RS settings, Cup I wheels on Michelin, brake ducts, lightweight carpet, lightweight seats, RS wheel, rs door cards, deleted rear seat, deleted rear wiper, deleted soundproofing along with many other details. The philosophy was if it wasnt strictly needed, it came out.

It rather flies and handles superbly, the later motor really works and the light weight is very notieable. We have not put it on scales yet or used it on the track but will soon so may be better to take it sooner than later….

Excellent mechanicals, dry motor, great clutch, gearbox, brakes, suspension and it looks superb in the colour. 

Its not one for the collector,  the history is pretty much non existent, other than what we have done, we made the best of a mechanically sound 964 and  it is set up well. Therefore you can get in , drive it how you like, take it on the track and turn heads on the road. Pretty much all done for you. It really is a good weapon for driving fun and is not so precious that its going to restrict the way you drive it. If you run out of talent and end up in the gravel trap you arent going to feel as bad as the man in a mint RS….

We could add a cage and harnesses, cut off , fire system as you desire.

Sold to a gentleman living within a stones throw of Brand Hatch and off to start an exciting life on the track.