Porsche 993 Bi Turbo.

Left Hand Drive.

1996 model Factory supplied.

Non Sunroof.

Grand Prix White.

A very special 993 turbo /GT2. The last owner from 2001 has spent a small fortune to enhance an already capable 993  for track and fast road use. This included its Conversion to 2 wheel drive.

Fitted with expensive Moton Club Sport suspension. Acknowledged as one of the highest quality package for serious performance use. It features remote gas resevoirs, 15 way adjustmant for bump and rebound damping to help you dial in for every condition you encounter. One can use different spring rates without having to re valve the dampers. Every click is noticeable to the driver and an ideal set up is therefore easy to find.

Front and rear there are adjustable Anti roll bars from the GT2 with poly bushes, strut brace, stainless steel braided brake pipes, Pagid brake pads, adjustable suspension top mounts, a limited slip differential, lightweight solid clutch and flywheel for improved engine response and the Protosport gearbox mounting kit for the 2 wd conversion. On original 993 Turbo wheels with near new P Zero Rosso tyres.

For the driver a Porsche Club sport steeering wheel and lightweight seats, whilst the original air conditioning remains along with unmarked carpets, overmats, full leather interior, white dials and leather rims.

A very rare spec and believed to be a Porsche Show or press car for the 96 model year.

This ulimate suspension system is by far the finest quality and best handling suspension system on the market today.

Featuring remote reservoirs for superior fluid temperature control, quick release hydraulic lines (on most models) for easy installation, seperate compression and rebound damper valving adjustment and height adjustable spring perches, this kit is beyond the more common coil-over systems on the market. If your driving can benefit for the ultimate in suspension tuning, then this kit is for you.