Gary has owned a few Porsche, first a 3.2 carrera, then a 993 targa, a 996 cabrio, a turbo 996 , a Boxster S and finally he purchased from me this 993 , it  was a lovely car.

Gary absolutely loves this 993, even though he has had one before, he loves this. Funnily enough, the previous owner, has contacted me asking if one day he may have his old Porsche returned. These cars do leave a lasting impression. Gary wrote a little below.

15th January 2011

Hi Adrian,

I just wanted to put “pen to paper” to thank you for all your help and advice regards the 993 C2 convertible you recently supplied me. The whole process from start to finish, including the organising of the finance was painless and stress free.

The car is everything you said and more, and other than the small leak that you have already offered to help gets sorted the car seems to be perfect.

Having owned a much more refined 996 turbo I am well aware that I am probably your worst nightmare as customers go, but I am now learning to drive a car again and find myself smiling every time I drive this car.

Unfortunately for you, I am likely to keep this car for many years, but rest assured that if I ever wish to change it I will re-visit you firstly for advice on where to go then for sourcing the new car.

I will highly recommend your services to anyone interested.

Thanks again

Gary Williams

PS. Where the hell is the locking wheel nut key? (delete that bit if you put this on your testimonials) !!!