The standard alloy wheels / rims on a Porsche will be of a very high quality. The wheels on an original Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 were Fuchs. These wheels have a hardened anodised coating that is supremely durable. Unfortunately if you have damaged the wheel its very expensive to refurbish and you will need to hunt around for a Company well versed in these special alloys.

Porsche 911 964 Carrera alloy wheels had a painted finish which is much easier to refurbish. Note: the original Porsche 964 RS wheels were Mags magnesium and require specialist techniques to refurbish.

Porsche 993, 996 and Boxsters had a variety of alloy wheels fitted a, some with a painted finish, whilst others with a polished rim.

Interchanging wheels between models is possible, but you must check with your mechanic. as the offset will be different and may foul or require spacers. The offset is marked on the rims as for example ET55 or ET45.

Replacing your original Porsche alloy wheels with aftermarket ones requires some care. Consider;

  • The effect on handling.
  • The effect on ride.
  • The effect on resale value.
  • The quality (which varies considerably).
  • The fitment recommendations.
  • Tyre availability.

Tyres. You can find information on tyres elsewhere on this site and you should always follow the manufacturers recommendations. Please remember that Porsche recommend a special tyre. This will limit your choice of aftermarket Porsche alloy wheel.  If you venture beyond the recommendation you can adversely affect the Porsche handling and safety so please seek knowledgeable advise.