Beating the Blues

You don’t need the doctor, you don’t need drugs… need a good Porsche, a crisp Winter’s morning with no one on the road…

…set the alarm for 6.30 and open the roof or window and go for a good blast on clear roads, use the motor, enjoy the responses, feel the rush, the g forces, the thrill and don’t stop until you have the tyres sticky, the brakes smelling hot and the engine ticking with heat. Then turn around and do it again on the way home. Maybe something like this lovely blue targa could hit the spot. If you need help with the blues…call us.

Those Winter blues have had no chance to get a hold here at Williams Crawford.
In fact since our move to new premises in April 2013 we have been flat out. And not just on Sunday mornings… getting ourselves better organised after a move is always a bigger job then first imagined… and then dealing with the increase in business that has come with the move. It feels like we have been waiting for the lights to turn green for some while, revved up and waiting. Now we are off…and it’s going great.

In our new premises we have the luxury of keeping all our Porsche indoors in a nice environment

We have 4 ramps and 4 great people in the workshop.

Mark and Dale take care of the maintenance of both classic and modern Porsche and as I look out at the shop now, Dale has his head under the lid of a superb 87 911 Supersport which will soon go on sale and Mark is making an inspection on our newly arrived 968 Club Sport. He likes the 968 series and seems to deal with all of them that come through. Meanwhile Graham and Becky deal with the restoration of the classics.

To that end they have been finishing the last few details on a gorgeous Supersport that is going on sale soon, getting an Ivory 911 2.7S coupe running that has been asleep for several years and starting to assemble a 2.7 engine for a client in France. Graham and Becky will be busy with the arrival in two weeks of an early 356 cabrio and a 356 coupe for a client in Texas. We have a lovely team here that makes it is a pleasure to arrive in the morning. We feel lucky.

Or maybe it isn’t simply luck we might be doing something right because since September we have made more business than in any other period. We appreciate the value of a reputation and due in no small part to that reputation; We receive business from all over the World, sales, brokerage and restoration where once, we would have been expecting only business from the South West.

Prestige Car Brokerage Service

89 Porsche 911

This ’89 911 with 37500 miles is likely to be available once more

The Williams Crawford Prestige Car Brokerage Service has proved very successful. The principle is that we can take the hassle out of selling a car for many of our clients. We can return a higher figure than if the car was simply sold to a dealer because we need not make an investment. For the customer there is none of the hassle of selling themselves.

Secure storage, worldwide marketing of your car, buyer confidence & import/export expertise

We have the premises to keep the cars secure and well stored, we have the marketing platform that stretches Worldwide and a reputation that gives customers confidence when buying or selling long distance. We have the experience of importing and exporting and know how to present, inspect and accurately describe a Porsche. Sometimes it’s a simple transaction between an existing client and another existing client, sometimes it’s more complex…..

Just before Christmas we agreed to sell this superb 37500 mile 1989 Porsche 911 for a client in Malaysia, we collected his 911 from storage in North Wales and within three weeks we had it sold to a new client living in Thailand. Our brokerage client was delighted, our client in Thailand was equally happy and we were pretty pleased too.

Our brokerage service is primarily for Porsche, although we regularly see all sorts of other unusual, special vehicles too.  Vintage, classic, modern.

Another client living locally wanted to sell his four vehicles, two were lovely Porsche, one a BMW and the other a very special VW. We collected all four, inspected, MOT’d serviced, prepared and sold….he received the agreed funds within three weeks of us collecting the vehicles. It works for all concerned. If this is interesting for you, just call. It is one of several avenues available to sell your car.


911 Carrera 3.2 CoupeCars will and do go wrong, however it’s the way you deal with the issues that make the difference.  
Two years ago we sold a local gentleman a really nice Boxster, out of warranty he had a little snag which we solved and paid for. That little generosity paid off. In turn he recommended his friend to purchase from us a gorgeous 997 C2S convertible. Our original client came back and wanted a change too , we supplied him a superb 997 C4S convertible, taking his Boxster in Part exchange. The Boxster immediately was sold and we took a 911 Carrera 3.2 Coupe as a part exchange, the coupe sold over the internet to a gentleman from Norfolk. From 997 through to the sale of the 911 Carrera coupe …just 3 weeks. And all thanks to the original Boxster client. Thank you Andy.

Porsche 911 Cabrio

Summer yellow cabrio sold to a buyer in Germany

Daring to be different

During the 80’s and 90’s Porsche would build your new 911 to almost any specification or colour combination you liked. One could walk into a showroom and order colour to sample, or interior colours to sample. Some interesting cars were produced and we love to have them.

This summer yellow cabrio we sold to Germany

Porsche violet blue Targa
This violet blue Targa also went to Germany.

This signal green convertible 964 (an original factory colour) is super rare …sold to Germany. The day we advertised it the phone almost melted! I think you should have whatever colour that you love, the car that makes you smile and makes you feel proud, pleased and happy. When you come to sell I am sure someone else will appreciate it.

Incoming more special Porsche…we have a Rubystone convertible, a special order Carrera in Minerva Blue featured at the top and a darling 76 911 2.7S coupe in special order Ivory.

“Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.”

We all know these lyrics from Janice Joplin, what I have only just discovered is she owned this Porsche. Here is a link to a feature in our blog.

Janice Joplin's Porsche 356


The Story of Shorty

1967 Short Wheel Base 911 Coupe1971 911 T TargaThis is a 1967 Short wheel base 911 coupe that we supplied to a client for full restoration. Currently the body shell is at the paint shop and we expect it to come back looking like new in the original colour Ivory White.

Once in our shop Graham and Rebecca will re-assemble as they did to this similar 1971 911 T Targa, also in Ivory white.

This beautiful 911 T from 1971 sold to a client in Italy. (thank you Susan).

Join us for ‘Cars and Coffee’

We anticipate starting this early on a Saturday morning. For fun.
Free coffee and croissants for those arriving early. If this is of interest to you send a quick email with cars and coffee in the subject line and we will advise in due course. Interesting cars (or motorcycles) must be used!

Looking for a Porsche?

Porsche poster campaignLet us know what you fancy. Nothing like all of the Porsche we are able to supply can we actually list, we encourage you to call and tell us what you are looking for…we may know of one. The following are Porsche that are In stock, coming soon or due to be available; 997 PDK Coupe ’09, 997 C2S Coupe ’05 , 996 C4S ’03, 993 C4S ’98 silver, 993 C4S ’96 lapis, 993 C2 ’96 arena, 993 cabrio ’94 grey, 964 cabrio ’93 white, 964 cabrio ’92 rubystone, 911 Sport Coupe ’89 red, 911 Sport Targa ’88 red , 911 Supersport Targa ’86 Garnet met, 911 Supersport Cabriolet’87 red, 911 Sport Targa ’87 Blue, 911 SC targa ’82 blue, 911 S 2.7 Coupe ’76 ivory, 911 Coupe’89 white, 968 Club Sport ’94 red, Boxster silver 03, Boxster blue 07, 356 speedster……from 356 through to 991, Cayman to Cayenne.

Changing from Porsche?

We understand that this happens and we also source vehicles for clients. From a new Landrover, through to a VW golf, Aston Martin, call and ask. We would love the opportunity to keep a customer, irrespective of the car you choose. We look forward to your call.


If you would prefer to read this newsletter in printed format, please download the PDF version here –  Porsche newsletter February 2014 and print.