The boxster is brilliant, had a great drive back from Saltash then drove it 650 Km to Orleans on Monday 2nd. It’s a real pleasure to drive and friends and family who have seen it, love it. I’ve been gradually finding my way around it, the only thing I haven’t really explored is the in-car entertainment, don’t need it, I just love the sound of the flat 6 purring in my right ear. I’ve been preparing to import it into France, managed to get a left headlamp from German Ebay as you recommended, hanging out for a better price for the other one.
Thanks for a superb job of preparing it. I appreciate very much the time you took to describe the car to me over the phone; I felt I had a good idea of what it was like and I was not disappointed. It was beyond what I expected, you chaps are very professional and the passion is obvious. I’d have no hesitation in coming back for another one…always a possibility if I get an offer I can’t refuse on this one!
Hope 2012 is a great year for you and the team.
Kind regards,