We speak plain Porsche. Not gobbledegook, technospeak or sales patter. We have been dealing with Porsche for over 25 years, we care for all Porsche owners and requirements,  Porsche servicing, accident repair, restoration, alignment, corner balancing, engine and transmission rebuilds and modification….we do it all. For all models.

Porsche engine rebuild, gearbox rebuild

We care for all Porsche needs, and all Porsche eras, from the latest 991, Cayenne, Panamera, Boxster Cayman, all 911 through to the earliest 356. We are that perfect size, big enough with five technicians to cope and have broad experience and small enough to be able to look after you and your Porsche personally.

You can speak directly with the technician that works on your Porsche, we hide nothing and know a lot! We won’t pitch for work that doesn’t need doing, we will advise you honestly because we want you back, like many of our clients that have been coming for decades. We have the skills and experience to cover all model eras, some technicians specialising in the restoration of World Class Classic Porsche, others in the maintenance and repair of modern Porsche.

We will care about you and your Porsche and have clients bring their cars from  all over the World. We service many Porsche as an alternative to the Official Porsche Centre Exeter……and clients like it. It really is worth making the effort to get the right garage servicing your Porsche, they can predict, avoid, advise and make Porsche ownership a pleasure.

Porsche owners in Exeter, Devon, Cornwall and Somerset are easily in range, we can help with loan cars, trains, collection and delivery.

Come and visit, we can show you are facility, at any given time there will be cars from all over the World together with Porsche living in the South west. We don’t do ‘cheap Porsche servicing’, that usually leads to larger bills in the future, but we do things correctly, fairly, and honestly.

Porsche accident repair, body repair, respray, restoration

This 1973 911 came to us for a full World Class Porsche restoration, the body, trim, chassis, engine, gearbox were all rebuilt the result and is here for you to inspect. The owner is in Hong Kong.

Accident repairs for your Porsche. One vitally important point on the accident repair scene, you as the owner of your car usually has (if you demand) the choice of where you want your Porsche to be repaired. Do yo want it going to the same place as the fleet cars? It is more economic for the insurers to take it to their contracted repaireers, but these workshops are normally better geared for the fast and economic repair of more ordinary cars. If you do suffer a collision or accident in your Porsche and care enough to want it reinstated the way it should be, to minimize the ‘impact’ of your misfortune….contact us. Clients send Porsche for accident repair from all over the UK and indeed World. We look after your Porsche correctly and deal with the insurer.

Service and maintenance for your Porsche.  It’s absolutely vital that your Porsche is serviced expertly and intelligently. Working only from a service schedule as the main dealers do is fine to a point, however it’s the keen observation skills and experience of what could be prevented that really makes the difference.

Porsche Modifications and preparation. we build Porsche from the ground up, little will faze us. we build STL bespoke Porsche and cater for all tastes, we prepare for competition and adventure and can modify for specific user requirements. We supercharge turbo charge, change, improve and increase. Sporting, Touring, Luxury….ask.

Quality not speed…With we do not give our technicians a bonus for speed, instead we ask for the quality, the care and the attention to detail which long term will pay off in both reliability and Porsche driving owning pleasure.

An intelligent and experienced Porsche workshop will often be able to repair rather than replace , they will have the experience to advise what should be done, rather than simply rebuilding every component on the car at your expense and they will be able to help prevent problems prior to expensive failure in many instances.

We take care of all Porsche servicing, repair, improvement , accident repair and restoration needs…and we do care….and we are careful.

Porsche service Cayman, Boxster, Exeter, devon

In our Porsche workshop in the foreground a bespoke supercharged 964 built for a client in Switzerland, above a pre impact body in restoration, a Cayman GT4 , a 911 on the wheel alignment rig, and a Boxster from Cornwall for service.

Here at Williams Crawford Ltd in Plymouth we are specialists, looking after Porsche, only Porsche and all Porsche. We are not constrained like the main dealers Porsche Exeter, although they can provide good service by the nature of being an official Porsche centre they will not be as flexible or imaginative as we are,  nor as able to offer so much choice of how or what to do on your car.

We service and repair all Porsche, all era, modern and classic. We are used to providing very special Porsche with exceptionally detailed care.  We love all Porsche, we are not Porsche snobs, we look after all Porsche with care, expertise and honesty.

Call us on 01752 840307, initially you will probably speak to Kim, our staff are there to help, Richard Williams or myself, Adrian Crawford are a call away if needed. We will be delighted to help.