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Porsche Servicing and Repair

Porsche Servicing and Repair

Irrespective if you use an Official Porsche Centre for your servicing or repair, or if you use one of the Porsche Independent workshops the fact is you are entirely relying on the quality of work done by an individual technician. Getting the right people to look after your Porsche is a really important part of ownership.

Make the effort to find recommendations and to get to know your Porsche technician. The best of them will honest and able to explain the repairs carried out or required on your Porsche.

Be aware that Porsche are complex and some faults may require specialist work. Clearly a mechanic is unlikely to be the guy needed to repaint a panel, but a good shop should have a range of trusted specialists available to carry out specialised work.

Routine Porsche servicing can often be carried out with moderate skills, what you will find and need is that some problems are better dealt with by others with the right equipment.

For example what may seem like a small fault on a heater may well be quicker and more efficiently dealt with by a Porsche shop with the right diagnostic equipment. (for Porsche 964 onwards).

A good Porsche service repair shop will make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your Porsche. They are one of the key features and one that you should spend some time researching..

One of the best ways is to simply ask other owners with your model type who they recommend for Porsche service.

Later Porsche should usually be serviced by  Official Porsche Serving Centres, earlier models may be better served well by Porsche specialists –  although some official Porsche dealers will give reduced rates to older 911 – but it really depends on the man working on it.

Older Porsche still require special knowledge and the staff in an Main dealer may not have had any training on your model. Its worth finding out.

There are plenty of Porsche Servicing specialists in most regions and Countries. The ones I favour are where the owner still spanners himself. The specialists can do a great job and often will have staff who were officially trained by Porsche some while ago when your model was current.

Ask around, you could get in touch with the regional organiser of your Porsche club, or the register secretary for your model type. Even if you don’t need anything special repair or servicing for Porsche done right now, it’s well worth getting a relationship with a good Porsche Service and repair shop. Good Porsche technicians will know how to prevent problems, and how to overcome them without having to replace the whole car.

One good rule of thumb. If the technician is unable to explain what’s wrong and why/how in a way you can understand – then the chances are they are feeding you b.s.  If it it happens get a second opinion. Its really easy to spend money where you don’t need.