I have enthused about Porsche ever since my first drive.

Not a big drive, just a few meters across the forecourt but even then , over 30 years ago, I knew  it was special.

I wasn’t the only one.

Since then I have done 100′ of 1000’s of miles with them, owned more than I can count and certain things stand out.

This is a great video, one of many that Porsche created promoting their product.

I picked out a few key points that connect with me.

They are designed to be able to withstand driving flat out for a whole tank of fuel.

You can enjoy them at any speed.

They connect the driver to the road in a way that surpasses all other cars.

You could take one to the track, thrash around all day and still expect to drive it home…aand it will probably thank you.

You dont have to slow down across railway tracks……

And the pleasure is for those inside, its not the car that you just park outside the cafe and lean against, its a car you enjoy from the inside.

Engineering integrity, thoroughness, durability, purpose…..its all here in this great video.


I would love to hear your thoughts, would you email me and let me know what a Porsche means to you?