NEW.  If you love Porsche or are considering which model to buy then you must see this DVD.


You can enjoy plenty of on board footage , capturing the sensation of being behind the wheel of some great Porsche, the distinctive engine note and Adrian’s insights of both classic and modern 911.

Featuring iconic Porsche such as the 911 Carrera 3.2, the ’90’s heroes….Porsche 964, Porsche 993, there are coupe’s Targa’s convertibles, manual and tiptronics, there is a rare and gorgous 993 Carrera 2 S and finally to make some comparison, the Porsche 997.

With years of experience testing, driving, owning, buying and selling Porsche 911 of all ages Adrian tells you what he thinks of each model.

Admittedly, he is no film star and the Porsche 911 Review dvd is the first one he’s made, but you can see, there was a lot of fun to be had making it, and he loves Porsche.  With luck he will follow it up with a Porsche Review Volume 2.

You can order your DVD by clicking here.  ORDER NOW. We hope you enjoy it.